"Choose Life that you

and your descendants may live."

These are the sponsors of our Pro-Life Ad for 2019. We thank them for standing for the

innocent unborn. We are excited because we will have for an entire month 8 digital

billboards in Las Vegas and a high impact ads on Face Book statewide with which we

expect to reach over 100,000 people. 

  AgentForTruth.com, founded by Joe Bannister
Clint & Sasha Altman
Bev Anderson
Mickey & Kathie Ballew
Pierre Bares'
Kenneth L. & Carolyn A Bauer
Peter Beers
Mary  Beganyi
Nancy A.  Brodie
The Ronald Burke Family
Mr & Mrs Glenn Burud
Fran A. Butler
Nellie Butler
Roger & Norma  Canary
The Ralph Carlton Family
Russ & Lynn Chapman
Cliff & Candance Conradt
Pat & Carol Coyne
The Steve Culverwell Family
Judy Dalluge
Ed & Karol Davis
Larry 'n Carol DemangateSierra Coin CoSparksPhil 4:1
Vicki Dooling, former Assemblywoman, NV State Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Rep
Mildred  Earl
John & Cindy Ellison
Jim  Falk
Bruce Feher
Patricia Fike 
Wes & Teri Fletcher
Judith A. Gannoe & Terrance M Gannoe
Cliff & Bertha Gardner
Wade & Julie Garner
Beverly Gates
  General Fence, Inc. 
Dennis & Connie Gomez
Don & Cathy  Gustavson
Janine Hansen
In Memory of Dan Hansen
Joel F. Hansen, Esquire
Linda  Hartweg
Mike Hawkins
Jacquie Hettinger
Mark & Diane  Hogan
Bill Hoge
Brooks & Jill Holcomb
Susan  Hunt
Ben & Mary  Hutchins
Roger & Barbara Hyytinen
  Independent American Party
Dorothy Jefferson
L. Neil & Kay Dawn  Jenkins
Gerald & Katherine  Jilk
Jim & Cris Johnson
Dale & Kim Jung
J.D. & Yolanda Kaplan
Willie Kernan
Mitchell & Elizabeth  Kidd
Lance & Patricia Kriegh
Rick Kuhlmey
Ernest B. Leavitt
Katherine J.  Leavitt
Mr. & Mrs Ken  Loda
A.J. Maimbourg, Founder/ReclamationNV
The    McFarlane Family
Nannette Moffitt
  Nevada Families for Freedom, State Affiliate of Eagle Forum 
Katherine M.  Nye
Pastor Tim & Shari  Oats
Doug & Carolyn Owen
Stan Paher
Sharon  Peterson
Vivian Prater
Steve & Lyn Randall
Kathleen Reifeiss
Mr & Mrs Norman  Saake
  Saint Colombia Parish
Duane H. Sandin & Donna Pricket
Betty J. Schumacher & Family
Dr. Kenneth & Ann Searles
Paul & Linda Sitze
Michael & Cheryl Smith
Nathan Smith
Janna & Fred  Smith
Marshall & Faye Sobrio
  Spirit Filled Church
Adelle  Stoddard
Brian Stoddard
Karen Stoddard
Bill & Mary  Swirsky
Dr. William Tarbell
Eva Trimble
Joy Uhart
Sam & Sheila Ward 
Russell E.  Warthen
Dina Watson
Barbara  West 
R. Jeff & Dessa K. Williams
Robert M. Williams
Sally Zamora