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Oct-Nov. 2018, In the Year of Our Lord                    

Volume 44, Number 9, email version


Note: This Newsletter was written before the November 6 Election and therefore does not cover the consequences of the election.  


The Freedom Calendars are here!

     Anyone who contributes $50 during this year will receive a Freedom Calendar as a Thank You from Nevada Families.  The Freedom Calendars are a Constitutional education each month covering one of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights with other great information. 

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Citizen Lobby WorkshopsWe need your help!

The Legislature starts February 4, 2019.  We are preparing now whatever the outcome of the election.  January- February we are planning CITIZEN LOBBY WORKSHOPS around the state

We want to do Workshops in Las Vegas and Pahrump in January. If your organization is willing to host one please let me know. We will do the Reno/Carson area in February.


The very first thing on the first day of the Legislative agenda will be voting to override Governor Sandoval’s vetoes. Governor Sandoval vetoed 41 bills in 2017 next only in numbers to Governor Gibbons 48 vetoes in 2009. We support his vetoes. An Override requires a 2/3rds vote in both the State Senate and Assembly.  The State Senate has 21 members so 8 Senators will stop the override. Let’s hope there’s 8 Republicans in the Senate.  The Assembly has 42 members so 15 are required to stop the override.  Either house can stop an override. It only takes the Senate or Assembly. 


You can access the list of overrides at: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/79th2017/Reports/vetoed.cfm

You can access the Sandoval’s veto messages at: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/79th2017/Reports/vetoedbills_messages.cfm


The bills listed below will be up on the first day for override votes.

These are some of the bills we were following in the 2017 Session.


Some of the Bad Bills Vetoed by Governor

AB101 removed the requirement that the $3 fee paid by hunters be used for predator control. The Dept. of Wildlife and the greenies were planning to use it for other projects. All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted no. Assembly Democrat Justin Watkins voted No.


AB154 returned the requirement that schools and the University system pay 100% of prevailing wage. Last Session, to increase money for building schools and University buildings, the Legislature reduced the requirement to pay 90% of prevailing wage.  This was a compromise to get the school bond issues to build schools in 2015.  All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted No in 2017.


AB175 Minimum Wage amended so it only sets a minimum for insurance coverage for workers who receive the lower minimum wage because they receive insurance.  Originally it moved minimum wage to $15 an hour over several years. All Assembly and Senate Republicans voted No in 2017.

AB272 provided for voting on Sunday,and voting centers where anyone can vote instead of going to their precinct. Originally it contained same day registering and voting. All Senate Republicans voted No. All Assembly Republicans voted No except Paul Anderson, Keith Pickard, Jill Tolles, and Melissa Woodbury.

     Excerpt from Governor Sandoval’s veto message of AB272: “…AB272 authorizes the creation of election-day ‘voting centers’ in which any eligible voter may cast a ballot, regardless of where in the respective county they reside…Nevada has ‘no-excuse absentee voting, which allows any registered voter to request an absentee ballot without stating a reason for his or her desire to vote absentee. Nevada also has two weeks of early voting. Altogether, we have one of the most open and accessible election system in the country…the current system works well, and there is no compelling need to change it.”

AB348 Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education.  This bill was greatly improved and most of the horrendous portions were amended out. I saw these amendments as a remarkable victory thanks to over 150 people from the organization Power2Parents from Clark County who turned out for the hearings in Las Vegas. However, there were still some objectionable portions which included changing the parental authority over opt in or opt out, which is why we wanted a veto. The bill provided for a one-time opt in which was for all the child’s years in school. All Republican Senators and Assemblymen voted noexcept Asm. Paul Anderson who voted yes.

     Excerpt from Governor Sandoval’s veto message of AB348: “While local school boards and educators play an important role in providing appropriate sex education courses, the role of parents in this system is the most important. AB348 would upset the school-parent balance potentially depriving parents with a meaningful opportunity to provide informed consent for their children to receive sex education.”


SB384 designed to hide public employees’ retirement pension benefit information from the public. All Senate Republicans voted No and were joined by Non-Partisan/Democrat Patricia Farley in 2017. 


SB434 made Reno & Sparks City Attorneys Appointed rather than Elected. This bill circumvented the established process for changes which go through the City Charter Committees. Also in 1974 and 1991 the people of Sparks voted in favor of electing their city attorney. There was no support from anyone in Reno or Sparks, at either hearing, for this bill. Opposing the will of the people is a specialty of Senator Julia “Radical” Ratti of Sparks. After listening to the testimony in the Assembly it became obvious that this bill was a personal vendetta by Sparks Senator Ratti against the Sparks City Attorney. She previously served on the Sparks City Council and didn’t like some of his advice. Unlike the appointed City Attorney of Las Vegas the Sparks City attorney kept the taxpayers safe from lawsuits.   All Senate Republicans voted NO. All Assembly Republicans and Democrats Daly, McCurdy, Neal, Ohrenschall, and Spiegel voted NO.


IP1 is the petition for motor voter, automatically registering to vote every person who shows up at the DMV unless they decline.  It was vetoed by the Governor, but will be on the ballot in the Nov. 2018 election.


Constitutional Amendments that will be up for a Second Legislative vote in 2019


The Governor does not have a veto for Resolutions and Proposed Constitutional Amendments. Constitutional Amendments that passed in 2017 must pass the 2019 session and then go to a vote of the people in 2020.


AJR2 Any gender marriage Constitutional Amendment overturns marriage between a man and a woman that was passed by 70% of the people. Thankfully it was, through hard work and the grace of God, amended in the Senate to protect churches from being forced to perform “any gender” marriage. All Assembly Republicans voted No except Krasner. All Senators voted Yes except Gustavson and Hardy.


AJR14 Constitutional Amendment to insure emergency medical care to all persons in Nevada including illegals. This is already a state and federal law. This bill is even worse because it places price controls on hospitals which will drive them out of business. This has happened to 84 hospitals in California which have closed. The cost burden of Medicaid, because the government only pays 52 cents on the dollar, and all the free care provided to illegal aliens causes hospitals to go out of business. Passed Senate & Assembly, all Republicans voting No.


SJR6 Constitutional amendment to increase the minimum wage to $14. This will hurt businesses and those it is intended to help the most. Jobs will be eliminated. All Republicans in Assembly & Senate voted No.


SJR14 Constitutional Amendment to increase property taxes passed with All Republicans in Assembly voting No and All Republicans in Senate voting No exceptKieckhefer.  SJR14 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to change the way property taxes are assessed in Nevada. SJR 14 removes the property tax cap and all depreciation the first fiscal year after the sale of the property. As we have written about several times before it will have a devastating effect on our economy even doubling property taxes for homes and businesses.  If it passes in the 2019 session it will, as will the other Constitutional Amendments listed above, go onto the 2020 ballot.


President Trump is Right about the Federal Reserve

by Ron Paul

       President Donald Trump recently called the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes crazy.  Leaving aside President Trump’s specific complaint, which is likely motivated by the belief that low rates will help him win reelection, he is right that “crazy” is a good way to describe the Federal Reserve.

       When not forced to use a government-created currency, individuals have historically chosen to use a precious metal such as gold or silver as money.  The reasons include that precious metals are durable and their value tends to remain relatively stable over time.  A stable currency ensures that prices accurately convey the true value of goods and services.

       A main value of a precious metal is it accurately conveys the true price of money, which is the Interest rate.  If the interest rate reflects the manipulation of central bankers and not true market conditions, individuals will be unable to properly allocate resources between savings and current consumption.

       In contrast to market money, government-created fiat currency is anything but stable.  Central banks constantly increase and decrease the money supply in an attempt to control the economy by controlling the interest rates.  This causes individuals to misread market conditions, leading to a misallocation of resources.  This can create an illusion of prosperity.  But eventually reality catches up to the Federal Reserve-created fantasies.  When that happens, there is a recession or worse, leading the Fed to start the whole boom-and-bust cycle over again.

       When central banks create money, those who first get the new money enjoy an increase in purchasing power before the new money causes a real increase in prices.  Those who receive the money first are members of the banking and financial elite.  By the time the new money reaches the middle class and working class, inflation has set in, so any gain in purchasing power is more than offset by the increase in inflation.  Thus, central banking causes income inequality.

       Since the Federal Reserve’s creation in 1913, the dollar has lost most of its value.  The steady erosion of the dollar’s valuepunishes savers and rewards those who seek instant gratification even if it requires piling up massive debts.  So the Federal Reserve is at least partially to blame for the rise of a culture that devalues thrift.

       The very act of creating money and manipulating interest rates distorts the market.  Therefore, the Federal Reserve System cannot be fixed with a “rules-based” monetary policy or even with “tying” the Fed-created money supply to the price of gold.  It is amazing how many economists who oppose price controls on all other goods support allowing a secretive central bank to control the price of money.

       Trusting the Federal Reserve to produce permanent prosperity instead of a boom-and-bust cycle is a textbook example of a popular definition of insanity being repeating the same action in hope of getting different results.  The Federal Reserve System is as unworkable and doomed to failure as every other form of central planning.

       It is likely that the next Fed-created recession will come sooner rather than later.  This could be the major catastrophe that leads to the end of fiat currency. The only way to avoid crisis is to force Congress to end our monetary madness.  The first steps are passing the Audit the Fed bill, allowing people to use alternative currencies, and exempting all transactions in precious metals and cryptocurrencies from capital gains taxes and other taxes.


You can now sign up online for the Coalition to Stop SJR14—

the massive property tax increase:




The Grassroots must Stop the Big Taxers from destroying our families and the economy of our state!


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