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“Breadbasket Of World" Choked Off By Russian Invasion

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March 2022, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 48, Number 2 Email version

Wheat Prices Soar

“Breadbasket Of World" Choked Off By Russian Invasion

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

Ukraine has earned the nickname "breadbasket of Europe" for its rich dark soil, vast wheat fields, and other farm goods. The Russian invasion has cut off the world from cheap and abundant wheat supplies. Ukraine and Russia are vital to the global food supply, accounting for more than a quarter of global wheat trade, about a fifth of corn, and 12% of all calories traded globally, according to Bloomberg.

Reuters reports Ukrainian ports will remain closed until the Russian invasion ends and maritime security is restored for commercial ships. This means all shipments of farm goods from Ukraine have ceased, and commodity traders will have to search elsewhere.

“Activity at Ukrainian ports has been halted since Russia invaded its neighbor last week, and grains trade from Russia is also effectively on pause. Sanctions have been ratcheted up to further isolate commodity-rich Russia from global finance by sanctioning its central bank and cutting off various leaders from the critical SWIFT financial messaging system.

“Restricting grain supplies from the Black Sea region threatens to further boost global food prices that are near a record high, at a time when supplies are already strained with adverse weather in many growing regions.” - Bloomberg

"If the conflict is prolonged -- three months, four months from now -- I feel the consequences could be really serious," Andree Defois, president of consultant Strategie Grains, told Bloomberg. "Wheat will need to be rationed."

Arlan Suderman, chief commodities economist at StoneX, told Bloomberg. "We could easily be looking at record prices."

What is made out of wheat? Bread, flour, pasta, cereals, boxed dinners. Stock Up!

The Truth about the Russia and Ukraine War

U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, on FOX News with former SC Congressman Trey Growdy, Sunday Feb. 27, 2022.

The U.S. and NATO are knowingly pushing Ukraine to fight a war against Russia that they can’t win, according to retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

“Vladimir Putin is carrying through what he’s been warning us about at least for the last 15 years, which is that he will not tolerate U.S. forces or their missiles on his borders,” MacGregor said.

“Much as we would not tolerate Russian troops and missiles in Cuba,” he noted. “And we ignored him and he finally acted. He was not going to allow Ukraine under any circumstances to join NATO.”

MacGregor then explained that the Ukrainian resistance in the east have been “cut off” and the Russians will likely “annihilate” them if they don’t surrender soon.

“What’s happened now is that the battle in eastern Ukraine is really almost over. All the Ukrainian troops there have been largely surrounded and cut off,” MacGregor said.

“You have a concentration down in the southeast of 30 to 40,000 of them and if they don’t surrender…I suspect that the Russians will ultimately annihilate them.”

“That’s why [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky is meeting with Putin’s representatives right now and the game is over,” he said, adding that Putin’s likely goal is to annex eastern Ukraine – which has historically been Russian – and agree with the West to make western Ukraine a neutral state.

MacGregor also reminded viewers that Ukraine is not a democracy at all, despite the talking points from U.S. and EU politicians claiming the contrary, and so the U.S. should “stay out of” the conflict. We need to remember that Ukraine is fourth from the bottom of 158 countries in the world as corrupt. Russia is perhaps three or four places above them,” MacGregor

“My Greatest Concern is That This Could be the Beginning of a World War”

Gerald Celente Top Trends Forecaster in the World, Interview on King World News.

U.S orchestrated a coup in Ukraine in 2014. Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs under the Obama Administration, gave $5 Billion to NGOS to bring democracy to Ukraine. They overthrew the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych…the deal was for Ukraine to join the European Union.

Agreement Made 1990

In the National Security Archives, Feb. 9, 1990, in a meeting between Gorbachev and James Baker of the Bush Administration, they agreed, that NATO Expansion is unacceptable…

Americans understood that “not only for the Soviet Union but for other European Countries as well, it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.” (Since 1990 NATO added Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, fmore)

That agreement was broken by Bill Clinton, broken by George W. Bush. It was broken by Obama and broken again by Biden as NATO is now on the borders surrounding Russia…

There’s no match. You’re not going to beat the Russians. Hitler couldn’t beat the Russians – they only killed 30 million of them…There’s a famous chart of Napoleon’s march to Moscow. He leaves Poland with 420,000 men, he comes back with 10,000. You’re not going to beat the Russians.

My greatest concern is that this could be the beginning of a world war…

When all else fails they take you to war. As the economy is failing they get the people’s minds off things, they take you to war. Go back to the great depression what followed it WWII, go back the dot com bust NASDAQ was down 66% and what followed it the war on terror. We were in a deep depression…and people forgot.

Look at what was happening in January the markets were tanking. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming…There is no question that Russia will take over Ukraine.

Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine in America wrote a book, War is a Racket. “I spent myself 33 years and 4 months in active military service. I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the Bankers.”

China & Russia Ditch the Dollar, Challenge Dollars Reserve Status

“Far be it from me to agree with the Washington Post, but they were spot on in early 2021 when they concluded that: ‘If China and Russia devise successful alternatives to the dollar-centered financial system, and if these alternatives gain significant international traction, we would be witnessing a cataclysmic moment in great power rivalry.’”

“Nikkei wrote in August 2020: “De-dollarization has been a priority for Russia and China since 2014, when they began expanding economic cooperation following Moscow's estrangement from the West over its annexation of Crimea. Replacing the dollar in trade settlements became a necessity to sidestep U.S. sanctions against Russia.”

This is a serious threat to the U.S. dollar which is backed by nothing, but printing press dollars. Stock up on real things you can use, because with inflation at 15% your dollars lose value every day.

Ron Paul on Ukraine and NATO Excerpts:

“When the Bush Administration announced in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia would be eligible for NATO membership, I knew it was a terrible idea. Nearly two decades after the end of both the Warsaw Pact and the Cold War, expanding NATO made no sense. NATO itself made no sense.

In 2008, “Providing US military guarantees to Ukraine and Georgia can only further strain our military. This NATO expansion may well involve the US military in conflicts unrelated to our national interest…

“One does not need to approve of Russia’s military actions to analyze its stated motivation: NATO membership for Ukraine was a red line it was not willing to see crossed. As we find ourselves at risk of a terrible escalation, we should remind ourselves that it didn’t have to happen this way. There was no advantage to the United States to expand and threaten to expand NATO to Russia’s doorstep. There is no way to argue that we are any safer for it.” Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Report on Nevada Legislative Commission’s Votes on the

Secretary of State’s Administrative Regulations on AB321 the ELECTION LAW

When a law is passed by the Nevada Legislature, such as AB321 on elections (which passed in 2021 with all Dems voting for it and all Republicans voting against) administrative regulations must be written. In this case the Secretary of State, as the chief election officer is responsible for writing the regulations. The Secretary of State cannot change the law that has been passed by the Legislature, but must pass regulations consistent with the law. After the Agency/SOS has gone through a process of public hearings it then turns the regulations over to the Legislative Counsel Bureau. Then they go to the Legislative Commission, which is composed of members of the State Senate and Assembly (at this time 6 Democrats and 6 Republicans). The Legislative Commission reviews and votes to adopt or reject the regulations. If they are rejected there are no regulations and in this case 17 county clerks/registrars of voters would create their own process for implementing the State Law found in AB321 or the Secretary of State may rewrite the regulation, have public hearings and go before the Legislative Commission again. This is the process.

On February 28, 2022, the Legislative Commission met to review, among other items, the Secretary of State’s regulations on AB321. There were a total of 30 regulations from the SOS. Many of the regulations were adopted by unanimous consent. That means they did not discuss them but just approved them. These were the ones where there was no disagreement. Numerous proposed regulations from the Secretary of State were discussed. Assemblymen Lisa Krasner, Jill Dickman and Senator Settelmeyer were very active in questioning and challenging the regulations. This was very enlightening as the Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Mark Wlaschin was answering their questions or occasionally, the lawyer from the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

One regulation which had been heard at the public hearings was not brought forth to the Legislative Commission, R080-21. In general terms, it allowed the Clerks and Registrars to authorize the use the EASE system (Electronic voting which is used for overseas military) for voters who were unable to vote in person or use a mail ballot due to an illness or sudden hospitalization. The intent was to ensure voters who (for example) “opt-ed out” of a mail ballot, but then were hospitalized or otherwise ill and unable to vote in person, could still cast a ballot. The SOS did not bring this forward due to lots of negative response from the public. The SOS will conduct further analysis during the 2022 election cycle. That means the SOS did not adopt this regulation and therefore it could not be approved by the Legislative Commission. So there are no regulations regarding this section of the AB321 passed by the Legislature. That’s ok.

Only 2 Regulations were Rejected

Some 15 regulations were pulled from the 30 for discussion. Of those there were several which Assemblywomen Krasner and Dickman voted against. However in the end, only 2 regulations were rejected on a 6 to 6 party line vote. Senator James Settelmeyer led the opposition to R089-21 which repealed all the regulations previous to AB321 on absentee ballots. He said if Republicans took over the Legislature they would want to reinstitute the original process on absentee ballots. The most important rejection was also led by Senator Settelmeyer. R106-21 dealt with regulations on signature verification training. The regulation ONLY covered hand verification which is the process in 16 of the 17 counties. Settelmeyer stated that in the 2020 election about 400-500 signatures had to be cured or verified per State Senate district in the counties with hand verification. In Clark County where the signatures were verified by machine only 20-29 signatures per Senate District were verified. He was concerned about the very low rate in Clark County (where we know the most voter fraud took place). He said unless there were regulations for electronic signature verification as well as hand verification he was opposed to the regulation. The regulation failed on a 6 to 6 party line vote. The SOS representative Wlaschin had no real answer for his concerns. Settelmeyer is hoping the SOS will write a new regulation for signature verification and submit it to the Legislative Commission. However, he does not know if the Dems will vote for it.


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