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Questions on the November Ballot

Nevada Families for Freedom

State Affiliate National Eagle Forum

47th Anniversary

186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, 775-397-6859, Sparks 775-356-0105

Editor: Janine Hansen

September 2022, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 48, Number 7, Email Version

Answers to Questions on the November Ballot

NO on Question 1: ERA

This Radical state ERA is a proposed Nevada Constitutional Amendment that ERAses girls and women. It is harmful and dangerous.

What will Question 1 mean?

• Allows males to compete in female sports and for scholarships for women and girls.

• Allows minor children to receive puberty blockers or gender change surgery without parental knowledge or consent.

• Forces taxpayers to pay for abortions in Nevada.

• Threatens religious liberty. Will cut funding to faith-based organizations with traditional views on marriage and gender

• Requires schools, colleges, and other government-owned facilities to allow males in women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms risking the safety and privacy of women and girls

. • Could threaten parental rights and age of consent laws putting children at risk of predators.

This is the language for the proposed amendment: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this State or any of its political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, SEX, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY OR EXPRESSION, AGE, disability ancestry or national origin.”

Please see analysis by the Freedom Alliance attorneys on page 3.

Please visit the website at

NO on Question 2: Minimum Wage

This ballot question amends the Nevada Constitution to require that each employer must pay each employee a minimum wage of $12 an hour unless the federal government requirement is higher. Last year, the U.S. House of Representatives voted for a $15 minimum wage which did not pass the U.S. Senate.

First of all this should not even be in the Constitution. Wages should be set by the market by supply and demand.

The minimum wage is designed for entry level jobs which will be eliminated depriving young people of work experience and opportunities. Higher minimum wage laws hurt the very people they are supposed to help including minorities, low skill workers and teenagers. However, increases in the minimum wage do benefit unions.

“A new report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates the Democrats’ proposal will kill 1.4 million jobs. …A CNBC/SurveyMonkey poll of small businesses showed that one-third said they would lay off workers if the minimum wage went to $15 an hour.”

In an article by Walter Williams “Elitist Arrogance on Minimum Wage Hurts Minorities” he says, “Supporters of a $15 minimum wage are now admitting that there will be job losses. ‘Why shouldn't we in fact accept job loss?’ asks New School economics professor David Howell, adding, ‘What's so bad about getting rid of crappy jobs…”

Williams continues, “What's a ‘crappy job’? My guess is that many of my friends and I held the jobs Howell is talking about as teenagers …During summers, we arose early to board farm trucks to New Jersey to pick blueberries. I washed dishes and mopped floors at Philadelphia's Horn & Hardart restaurant, helped unload trucks at Campbell Soup, shoveled snow, swept out stores, delivered packages and did similar low-skill, low-wage jobs.”

Question 2 raising the minimum wage will hurt those the most it is supposed the help, minorities, low skilled workers and Teenagers.

NO on Question 3: Open “Jungle” Primaries and Rank Choice Voting

The purpose of Primaries is for people who belong to a particular party to choose their candidates to represent them. This is why Non Partisan/Independent Voters don’t vote in party primaries. This initiative eliminates the need for political parties because it eliminates party primaries and the ability of parties to promote their values. Republicans or Democrats will no longer be choosing their party’s nominees at the primary who then go to the general election. It eliminates the choosing of minor parties’ candidates at their state conventions. Instead, it puts all candidates, Republicans, Democrats, minor parties and No Political Party candidates, into a jungle primary in which all voters of any political party, or none, vote together in the primary. Five people are selected at the Primary and proceed to the general election.

The initiative requires this statement in the primary and general election ballots: “A candidate’s preference does not imply that the candidate is nominated or endorsed by the party, or that the party approves of or associates with that candidate.” In other words, a candidate can hijack the name of a party because he thinks he will have a better chance of being elected. The Party has nothing to say about it!

The Jungle Primary is for all State wide races including President, U.S. Senators and Representatives, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Controller and State Legislators.

You thought we were concerned about Voter Fraud…Wait until Ranked Choice Voting.

This ballot question also institutes rank choice voting in the general election. Ranked Choice voting will take place in the General Election where each voter can cast 5 votes for all 5 candidates for a single office who made it through the Primary ranking them in order of their preference.

Rank choice voting completely distorts the election process. The person who actually came in second or third can win the election!!! In California it has resulted in Democrats winning in all the races. Why? Because there may be 5 Democrats who win in the primary and then all five Democrats are on the ballot in November…nobody from any other party is guaranteed to be on the ballot with rank choice voting unlike it is now.

From the initiative: “When counting ballots in a general election for partisan office, the Registrar, County Clerk, or chief election official in each County shall initially tabulate each validly cast ballot as one vote for the highest-ranked candidate on the ballot. If a candidate is highest–ranked on a majority of the active ballots, that candidate is elected and the tabulation is complete. If no candidate is highest-ranked on a majority of the active ballots, tabulation proceeds in sequential rounds….”

“If two or fewer continuing candidates remain, the candidate with the greatest number of votes is elected and the tabulation is complete: otherwise the tabulation continues…..The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, votes cast for the eliminated candidates shall cease counting for the eliminated candidate and shall be added to the totals of each ballot’s next-highest–ranked continuing candidate…” and on it goes……… Ranked Choice Voting is confusing for voters and a nightmare of potential voter fraud. There is a whole formula for tabulating the vote. You can read the whole Question here. It’s the third question:

This is so confusing. Do we want to put something this confusing into our election laws? NO.

Question 1 ERA on the Ballot was SJR8 at the Legislature

Alliance Defending Freedom for Faith and Justice

The Harms of Nevada S.J.R. 8 to Women, Religious Organizations, and Medical Providers’ Rights of Conscience S.J.R. 8 would open the door to government-mandated discrimination, inequality, and coercion. As discussed below, it would hurt women, religious organizations and schools, medical professionals, and could even mandate that taxpayers pay for others to receive abortions.

Harms to Women and Girls in Sports, Academics, Economic Opportunities, and Privacy S.J.R. 8 would destroy the equality and opportunities women have worked so hard to achieve in education, athletics, and business. By enshrining “gender identity” in the state constitution, it would mandate that men who self-identify as women be allowed to compete for spots on female sports teams, women’s scholarships, and other academic and sports-related opportunities specifically for women. It would violate women’s privacy and dignity by forcing women’s shelters and private, intimate spaces, like locker rooms and restrooms, to be open to men. It could allow men to participate in business opportunities created exclusively for women. S.J.R. 8 would undermine existing statutes that create opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, such as 2017’s AB 436 (codified at NRS § 231.14055) which supported women-owned businesses through numerous financing sources and other opportunities made available to them.

Harms to Faith-Based Schools, Colleges, and Non-Profit Organizations S.J.R. 8 would deny state financial aid to students at faith-based colleges and universities unless they abandon policies and practices reflecting their sincerely held beliefs about marriage and sexuality. It would significantly threaten the many social service organizations that receive state grants to enable them to better serve the most vulnerable among us every day. These organizations would be prohibited from living out their beliefs about marriage or human sexuality as a condition of continuing to receive state funding. It could even forbid religious schools and organizations from ensuring that their employees abide by their doctrines or beliefs about marriage, sexual behavior, and the distinction between the sexes.

Harms to Medical Rights of Conscience and Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Health professionals take an oath to “do no harm.” And yet many doctors, counselors, and healthcare practitioners believe that prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and bodily cosmetic surgery to otherwise healthy children who are struggling with their gender identity causes grave and often irreversible harm. Under S.J.R. 8, these healthcare professionals would be forced to either violate their oath to care for patients in accordance with their best medical judgment, or leave the medical profession altogether.

Several states have also interpreted nearly identical amendments to mandate taxpayer funding for abortion. In New Mexico Right to Choose/NARAL v. Johnson, 975 P.2d 841 (N.M. 1998), the New Mexico Supreme Court held that a similar amendment provides for a broader state constitutional right to abortion. As a result, the court struck down restrictions on the use of taxpayer funding to pay for abortions. Courts in Connecticut and Massachusetts struck down similar restrictions based on amendments like S.J.R. 8. See Doe v. Maher, 515 A.2d 134 (Conn. Super. Ct. 1986); Moe v. Secretary of Administration and Finance, 417 N.E.2d 387 (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct. Suffolk 1981)

Republican RINO’s voting for SJR8*: Senators Scott Hammond, Joe Hardy, Ben Keickhefer, Keith Pickard, Heidi Gansert & James Settelmeyer. Assemblymen Melissa Hardy, Glen Leavitt, Tom Roberts, & Jill Tolles. Heroes voting against SJR8*: Senators Carrie Buck, Pete Goicoechea, Ira Hansen. Assemblymen Annie Black, Jill Dickman, John Ellison, Gregory Hafen, Alexis Hansen, Heidi Kasama, Lisa Krasner, Andy Matthews, Richard McArthur, PK O’Neill, Robin Titus, Jim Wheeler.

National Eagle Forum Celebrates 50th Anniversary in St. Louis, Sept 22-24

Janine Hansen, State President of Nevada Families for Freedom the State affiliate of Eagle Forum and Lynn Chapman Vice President will participate in the 50th Anniversary celebration of Eagle Forum this month. Eagle Forum which was founded by Phyllis Schlafly has led the pro-family movement for 50 years.

Speakers at the Conference will include Gordon Chang expert on China often on FOX News, Seth Dillion of the Babylon Bee, U.S. Senator Mike Lee from Utah, Elaine Donnelly--Center for Military Readiness, Anne Schlafly Cori—Phyllis Schlafly’s daughter and Chairman of the Board of Eagle Forum, Mike Morano—Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse than You Think, Kris Ullman national Eagle Forum President, Gayle Ruzicka State President Utah Eagle Forum, Janine Hansen on Article V the Constitutional Convention Threat from the Right, the Leadership Institute Team and many more.


Let’s be very clear. Covid didn’t create inflation. Putin didn’t create inflation. No, inflation is the result of governments’ and central banks’ irresponsible and totally irrational policy of believing that prosperity can be created out of thin air. They don’t understand or at least choose not to understand that reckless creation of fake money that has zero value CREATES ZERO WEALTH.

Money in itself has ZERO value. Money is just a derivative that derives its value as a medium of exchange through the production of goods and services.

In simple terms, money that has derived value from anything but goods and services has ZERO value.

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