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We CHOOSE LIFE! The following are sponsors of the Pro Life Ads.

Our 35th Annual Pro-Life Ad

will be State Wide with Social Media advertising!

We can reach many more people this way especially young people who we are targeting.

Nevada Families for Freedom is an original partner sponsoring these annual Pro-Life ads. We started in 1986 with the Choose Life Coalition including Nevada Right to Life in this annual project to change hearts and minds. In 1986 we began by publishing our full page Pro-Life Ad with the list of sponsors names in the Reno Gazette Journal and continued that project for decades, expanding to include other newspapers statewide until recently. We transitioned to electronic billboards and now to social media. One advantage of using Social Media is that we can keep the ads up for a month or more getting 150,000 impressions. Although we are not able to include our sponsors names on the social media, we will list sponsors names on our website.

January 22, 1973 is the anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade U.S. Supreme Court Decision which made abortion legal for all nine months. This catastrophe, as of 2017, has taken the lives of 60,945,461 innocent unborn babies, leading to the accelerating moral and social decline of America. One blessing is that since the advent of sonograms many more people know and understand that abortion takes the life of a real living baby.

Our Pro-Life Ads this year will focus on stopping the Passage of the proposed State Equal Rights Amendment to the Nevada Constitution, which will result, as it has in New Mexico and Connecticut, in Taxpayer-funded abortions. We have a goal to raise $6000 for social media ads.

We CHOOSE LIFE! The following are sponsors of the Pro Life Ads.

Alpine Roofing & The Coyne Familly

Clint & Sasha Altman

Beverly Anderson

Jerry & Juanita Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Angle

Mickey & Kathie Ballew

Pierre Bares'

Kenneth A. & Carolyn A. Bauer

Mary Beganyi

Don & LaVerne Brennan

Nancy A. Brodie & Family

Ronald A. Burke & Family

Glenn & Janet Burud

Fran A. Butler

Nellie Butler

Roger & Norma Canary

Mick & Claudia Casey

Sally Casper Family

Russ & Lynn Chapman

Steve T. Culverwell Family

Judy Dalluge

Jeff & Cathy Denton

Don & Judy Drake

The Earl Family

John & Cindy Ellison

Enlightening Touch

Jim Falk & Linda Hartwig

Fettig Family

Carole Fineberg

Wes & Teri Fletcher

Bruce & Sandy Foster

The Cliff Gardner Families

General Fence, Inc.

John & Chris Glantz

Dennis & Connie Gomez

Don & Cathy Gustavson, Senator retired

Kevin Haines--Voice in Wilderness

Bill Hamma

In Memory of Dan Hansen

Janine Hansen

Joel F. Hansen, Esquire

Mike Hawkins

Jeanne Herman

Jacquie Hettinger

Bill & Sue Hoge

Vicky & Bill Holbrook

Brooks & Jill Holcomb

The Hollingshead Family

Susan Hunt

Ben R. & Mary R. Hutchins

Independent American Party

Nikki Young Allison James Estates & Homes

L. Neil & Kay Dawn Jenkins

Richard Jensen

Gerald & Katherine Jilk

Jim & Cris Johnson

Willie Kernan

Mitchell & Elizabeth Kidd

Rick Kuhlmey

Pete & Kathi Leavitt

Angela Leon & Family

Wynette Lewis

Ken & Suzan Loda

A.J. Maimbourg

Mary Elizabeth Boyer Martinez

The Stephen C. McFarlane Family

Ginny McKenzie

Nannette Moffitt

Tom and Jodi Morris

Nevada Families for Freedom, State Affiliate of Eagle Forum

Dave & Sandy Norton

Katherine M. Nye

Ron & Barbara Palmer

Alan Preissler

Steve & Lyn Randall

William H. Rohrer

Norman & Pat Saake

Saint Columba Orthodox Church

Paul & Linda Sitze

Michael & Cheryl Smith

Fred & Janna Smith

Spirit Filled Church

Adelle, Brian & Karen Stoddard

Threshingfloor Ministries

Joy Uhart

Sam & Shiela Ward

Russel & Gail Warthen

Barbara A. West

Alan C. Wetter

Bill & Janice Wilkerson

R. Jeff & Dessa K. Williams

Charlene Young

Sally Zamora



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