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What is 5G and Why is It in My State?

Nevada Families Eagle Forum Newsletter

Editor: Janine Hansen

October 2019, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 45, Number 10, Email Version

The Dark Side of 5G - How it is Affecting Bees, Birds, Cows - What About Humans?

By Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California, author of the book “Whooa Nellie!”

5G Dangers and Deception of Powerful, New Wireless Technology

Have you noticed strange looking beige or silver “bucket-devices” now hanging from telephone poles, or tall round “dunce cap”- devices on top of LED light poles? These are all the various shapes that 5G small cell antennas come in. If you see them, it means that your city, your county and your state has now become “5G-deployed.”

What is 5G and Why is It in My State? 5G stands for the 5th Generation of wireless technology, which has been continually updated every ten years. When cell phones were first developed 50 years ago, they were 1G; ten years later 2G; ten years later 3G (the flip-top phones); the last ten years we have had 4G. Soon, we will be switching to 5G, not only in cell phones, but in all wireless devises, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, etc. At first it will be 4G and 5G combined. State legislators have voted for bills allowing 5G into your state because of all the great things they have been promised about it: 1) greater speed (to move more data) – 10 x faster), 2) lower latency (to be more responsive), 3) the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices). You will be able to download a movie in 6 seconds, when it used to take 24 hours. 5G promises to be so much better for business. It will help usher in the Internet of Things (IoT) where all wireless and electrical devises can be connected, so much better for fast data collection and for big business. We are promised “5G will bring in $500 billion to our economy and 3 million jobs.”

What Could Be the Dark Side of 5G? Have you been told anything about 5G being tested for health and safety, how it will effect human or animal life? Have you been told that 5G will be operating on a much higher electromagnetic frequency (EMF), a very dangerous, harmful frequency? 4G was 2.5 gigahertz (GHz); 5G will be at least 28 GHz or higher. It could be 100 GHz. It will be operating in a microwave or millimeter range, a weapon range – the same range as a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon), such as lasers. In fact, it is the 5G weapons race that keeps the U.S. and other countries pushing forward with implementing 5G. They don’t want China to be the 5G weapon master as they are declaring themselves to be.

Microwave Ovens Can Be Turned Off, but You Will Have No Way to turn off 5G: Have you been warned that it is not safe to stand in front of your microwave oven when it is on? Well, how about a 5G bucket antenna that is broadcasting non-stop, 24 hours a day, from your telephone pole or light pole, 20-40 feet from your home, or school, or place of business? The 5G antenna may be especially close to your children’s upstairs bedroom, and you will have no control of it. You cannot turn it off. What will the constant EMF rays do to your children’s health and to your own?

Twenty Thousand 5G Satellites Soon to Be in the Skies: And just in case there is a spot on earth that has not yet been covered with 5G small cell antennas, never fear – a satellite will be near. Elon Musk of Tesla has been given permission to launch 12,000 of those, and many have already been launched. Other high tech companies will be launching other ones. All 20,000 are to be in the sky by 2022. It appears that there will be very little places that people can go to - to escape 5G.

Who is Responsible? Who has allowed 5G into our states, counties and cities? There are five groups to lay the blame on:

1. Executive Branch: I’m sorry to say, President Trump, who is all about promoting big business, passed an executive order in January of 2018, authorizing broadband service for every rural part of our nation – so all farmers can have 5G cell phone coverage. He also signed the “Farm Bill,” in December of 2018, which does the same thing – brings in 5G to rural areas, and even gives grant money to implement it for small towns under 10,000 population.

2. Congressmen, who receive large donations from the wireless industry, have authored a bill to “streamline” or speed up 5G, making it mandatory in every state and setting a uniform price for the installation of the small cell antennas. It was tried last year and this year, but so far has not passed.

3. The FCC, Federal Communications Commission, passed a rule on their own in September 2018 trying to make 5G mandatory, and threatening to sue any city or county who refuses it – as if that would be in violation of the national commerce clause of the Constitution. The FCC is a “captured agency,” greatly beholding to the cell phone industry, whom they are supposed to regulate, but instead they help them and promote them in every way they can.

4. State Legislators, who probably also receive large donations from the wireless industry, author and try to pass similar bills as Congress - to streamline, make mandatory, and set the costs for the implementation of 5G throughout their state.

5. County and City Governments: If the state has not passed legislation mandating 5G, then county and city leaders can decide for themselves, and often they will say yes. Why? Because they receive lots of money from the wireless industry per each small cell antenna that is put on telephone poles or light poles. That adds up to maybe $300 or higher per antenna, sometimes 3 to a pole – for hundreds or maybe thousands of poles – in other words – lots of money!

Testimonials of People Who Have Seen 5G in Action and Its Effect on Animal and Human Life:

· Sierra Madre, California, August 4, 2019, hundreds of dead bees where seen lying close to 5G poles that were about 40 feet apart. Philip Sites sited them and made a video that went viral. He stated, “I can tell you that they [5G antennas] are not safe for our environment because they are killing bees all over the place. As I got further from the radius of the poles there were no more bees.” [i]

· The Hague, Netherlands: October 8, 2018, a 5G tower that was erected on the railway station was tested to see how far it would go and if it could be used for “crowd control.” At the end of the first day, in the Huijgens Park that was across the street, 150 dead starlings were found fallen out of the trees. At the end of the next day, there were 30 dead birds, the next day another 30. Ducks swimming in the pond tried to duck their heads under the water to escape. Some tried to fly away, but their navigation ability was affected and they landed in the street. By the end of the test, there were about 400 dead birds.[ii]

· Stistwerd, Groningen, Netherlands: January, 2017, 5G was tested as a way to help the farmers produce better potatoes. As soon as the 5G was turned on, dairy farmers of five different farms began to report that their cows were acting crazy, panicking, running around the barn, hitting each other, hitting the walls, terrified of something. The veterinarians who were called in could find nothing wrong with the cows. Once the 5G was turned off, the cows were back to normal. As soon as it came on again, the cows went back into panic mode. The farmers soon found out that it was due to the 5G testing.[iii]

· Gateshead, England, Mark Steele, a British scientist who helped develop weapons systems, told of what happened when the LED 5G streetlights were turned on in his town of Gateshead. People were complaining of nosebleeds, and insomnia, but the worst was, there were many miscarriages. He stated: “We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows. It’s a humanitarian crisis.” [iv]

What Can We Possibly Do? It is a little late, but fortunately, people are waking up to our awful dilemma and the eminent danger we are facing. There are protest marches and rallies being held all over the world. Brussels, Belgium, the seat of the European Union, has said no 5G. They refuse to allow it into their city because it has not been adequately tested, and they do not want to be the Guinea pigs for the testing.

Remember, even if your state legislators have voted in the legislation authorizing and mandating 5G in your state, laws can be rescinded and changed. If enough people wake up, get informed, get organized, you can still fight 5G. You can elect people who share your same viewpoint and you can change the minds of other elected officials. Please, don’t give up hope.

A nation-wide group called Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) has recently formed that has a great website: They are asking for nation-wide rallies to be held to make other people aware of 5G dangers and its rollout without any testing. They have a page suggesting how to form a grass-root group. Once you do, they suggest you have a public showing of the movie “Generation Zapped,” to make more people aware of the 5G problem.

The group that I belong to in Sonoma County California has become an affiliate of ART. We call ourselves Sonoma County for Responsible Technology. We continue to speak out at city council and board of supervisor meetings, and continue to bring in speakers to inform the public. One of the things we have done that has gotten the attention of our elected officials is submit to them a paper that essentially tells them if anything bad happens to us because of 5G, we are holding them liable for allowing it into our city, on our telephone and light poles close to our homes, schools, and businesses. They could have taken a stand against it to protect their people, but they did not.

We suggest that you continue to hold all of our elected officials accountable, from the president, to congress, to state legislators. Continue to write letters to them against 5G. Continue to inform you neighbors and friends. Invite them to meetings. We must all get involved and stay involved to make any changes happen.

Lastly, the last chapter of my book gives suggestions and websites to go to for information how to protect yourselves and your home and family against the radiation effects of 5G. There is much we can still do in way of getting prepared.[v]



[1] Orlean Koehle, “Whooa Nellie!” 5G Dangers and Deception of Powerful, New Wireless Technology. Santa Rosa, 2019, Books for, pp. 351-370.

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By Janine Hansen

· WATER: The most important consideration in preparedness is water. You should have a minimum emergency supply of 1 gallon per person per day for two weeks for drinking and other purposes. Don’t forget your pets. Use food grade containers like soda pop & juice bottles to store water. (Don’t use milk jugs. They leak back into the water.) Store unscented Clorox or other water purifiers. Label all containers by content and date. An excellent water purifier is Big Berkey.

· SANITATION: If the water is not running what sanitation arrangements have you made? You should have disinfectant, a port-a-potty, baby wipes to clean your hands, extra underwear and socks, water for washing dishes, plastic garbage bags for disposing of wastes, bar and dish soap, detergent, and plenty of disposable/or regular diapers and plastic pants. Toilet paper is always at a premium during disaster situations. Consider keeping old phone books and newspaper for sanitation use. If you have to dispose of human waste you should store lye so you can bury it.

· FOOD: You should have non-perishable food in the initial stages of an emergency that does not have to be cooked. Store things you will eat. Long-term storage should include bulk grains, beans, powdered milk, cooking oil, salt, sugar or honey, dehydrated and freeze dried foods. Learn how to use them. If you store wheat you need a non-electric grinder. Date all storage. You can get freeze dried and dehydrated food at Emergency Essentials/Auguson Farms at Many of their products are available at WalMart as well.

· HEALTH: You should have extra prescription medicines on hand, an emergency first aid kit, extra supplies and some knowledge of first aid. Extra vitamin C, multi-vitamins, herbs and natural remedies are important. Does your family have special needs, like an infant or an elderly?

· ELECTRICITY: Consider what you would do if you had no electricity. You should have alternative sources for heat, light, and cooking. You need flashlights with extra batteries, possibly a solar batter recharger and rechargeable batteries. Fire places, wood stoves, kerosene heaters, Mr. Heater Buddy inside propane heater, lanterns (solar, battery, lamp oil or kerosene), candles, camp stoves are possibilities. Have fuel and matches on hand. Kerosene stores well for several years. A kerosene lantern will work for 5 hours a day, for one year on 12 gallons of kerosene.

· COMMUNICATIONS: You need a radio preferably that has battery, solar, and hand crank power possibilities. You need a plan to get in touch with your family.

· CLOTHING & SHOES: In a disaster you may need special clothing like, ponchos, boots, extra socks, underwear, and warm coats. If you are considering long-term preparedness ask yourself, “Could I get along for a year on the clothing I have?” Most adults could get by with just a few extras, but what about growing children. Consider getting bigger sizes they can grow into at garage and rummage sales and thrift stores. If you have a baby you’ll need cloth diapers, pins and plastic pants. Women may need sanitary supplies. Reusable are available on line.

· SHELTER: In case of an earthquake or other disaster you may need a tent sufficient for a temporary shelter. You should have at least 3 extra blankets per person or a good sleeping bag and pad, tarps and rope.

· MONEY: During disasters the ATM’s may not be working and banks could be closed. You need to have cash on hand in small denominations. Consider what you would do if the disaster lasts longer than a few days or a bank holiday is declared.

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