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It is the Best of Times, It is the Worst of Times

Nevada Families for Freedom 

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51st Anniversary

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Editor: Janine Hansen

January 2024, In the Year of Our Lord                                                                               

Volume 51, Number 1, Email Version 


Sometimes some of the worst most difficult times in our lives can turn out in unusual ways to produce some good results. Charles Dickens identifies times like these in his book Tale of Two Cities.


"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way--in short, the period was so far like the present period that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only."


The egregious calamities, most of them caused by our government, happening to our nation today, including our bankrupt education system, the covid lockdown and vaxx, the stolen election, the planned invasion of our southern border, the destruction of our dollar through massive money printing and the resultant out-of-control inflation, the calamity of the Ukraine war are all creating Pushback.


The Pushback is the good news. I was ringing the alarm about the government education system all the years I’ve worked at the Legislature, but until parents actually took a look at what was going on with their children’s indoctrination during the Covid lockdowns, very few realized how dismal our education system was.  The Pushback has accelerated as the poisoning by the Covid Vaxx has been exposed. Lots more Pushback has been created because of the Stolen Election in 2020. The Border has exposed the complete treason of Biden, his minions and the democrats in Congress.


The Pushback is the Good News, the Victory, the Best of Times. Even the largest asset manager on the planet, Blackrock with $9.42 Trillion in assets and offices in 30 countries, has been forced to dissolve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) focused funds which promoted only “woke” agenda companies, because of the backlash. One reason is that State Treasurer’s like Utah’s Marlo Oaks have refused to allow millions in state funds to be invested in companies like Blackrock with an anti-freedom agenda. Pushback!


There are numerous ways we can Pushback and protect ourselves from the planned economic tyranny of the coming Central Bank Digital Currency and the companion social credit scores, which will be “total control” as identified by Catherine Austin Fitts, of and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under George H. W. Bush, in her recent interview on Greg Hunter’s where her interview can be found.


On Catherine Austin Fitts website is a free report on “Financial Transaction Freedom”. The FTF Report gives you ways to incorporate practices which will protect your financial privacy and freedom. The more people who Pushback, the better opportunity we have to thwart the planned CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency and total control by the private Federal Reserve Bank and the government, over our lives, bank accounts, and property…Think Canadian Truckers.  The Powers that Be will control what you spend, what you buy, where you live, what you own, where you go and how you live.

These are recommendations to protect yourself from CBDC’s from Solari’s Financial Transaction Freedom Report for individuals and families at: The Report has many links and articles to help you with Financial Transaction Freedom and overall Liberty.


  •          Build real asset resiliency, Food (know your local farmer, create a home garden), Energy (solar and other off-grid generator, wood stove and furnace). Shelter (pay down mortgage, build a well, install off grid systems). Stock up on non-perishables.

  •          Use Cash, checks, barter, local currencies and analog (non-computer) transactions as much as possible.

  •          Cut down on use of cell phone apps and social media for transactions and seek analog solutions.

  •          Bank with well governed and managed local banks and credit unions

  •          Pay off debt, particularly student loans and unsecured (credit card) debts.

  •          Don’t let anyone convince you that CBDC’s are OK.

  •          Diversify investments into productive enterprises and assets.

  •          Maintain excellent archives of all transactions and assets. Archive and save digital records in paper or other permanent form.

  •          Obtain medical care outside the medical control grid (e.g. medical insurance through AAA or health sharing ministry plans like Samaritan Ministries) and pay cash for health care providers who do not take private or government health care insurance so as to avoid medical surveillance.

  •          Support with votes and contributions state and local officials who support financial transaction freedom…

  •          She provides a whole list of things we need to demand of candidates and representatives including holding the New York private Federal Reserve Bank accountable by requiring an audit.


States Can Provide Pushback to Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC

In September 2023, when we attended National Forum annual Eagle Council in Washington D.C., I introduced Kevin Freeman who spoke about the innovative idea in his new book, Pirate Money, that States could exercise state sovereignty and use the U.S. Constitution to protect their citizens from the implementation of CBDCs.


The introduction on Amazon to Kevin Freeman’s book says, “When they met in Philadelphia in 1787, everyone understood real money as Spanish gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight. The Founders hid a clause in the Constitution (Art. 1 Sec. 10) that allowed states to use Pirate Money as legal tender. Adding current technology, their secret can be used to stop the threats of inflation, federal overreach, and the Great Reset while preserving personal liberty and privacy. Kevin Freeman’s speech at Eagle Council, ”A Constitutional Alternative to Central Bank Digital Currency and the Risks of Fiat Currency” Can be viewed on YouTube: 


The State of Texas has created the which allows people to deposit their precious metals for safe storage. The plan according to Kevin Freedom is to ultimately use them to transact business with a debit card based on your bullion depository account.


Several States have passed laws that recognize gold and silver as legal tender which can be used in transactions that would accept cash including Utah, Louisiana, and Texas. According to Catherine Austin Fitts other states are removing sales taxes from gold and silver in order to facilitate their use as “money”. These states include: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Other states such as West Virginia, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas and South Carolina have had bills introduced to do similar things over that last few years.  States are Pushing Back…Good News! 

There are many reasons besides the threat of CBDC to prepare by working towards individual and state Financial Transaction Freedomto be financially independent of the Powers that Be. 


  •          We face a world filled with real threats. With Biden deliberately leaving the Border open we are subject to many threats with 100,000 military aged Chinese men having crossed and many possible terrorists from the Mid-East put us in jeopardy of terrorists attacks in the U.S.

  •          The stability of the US dollar faces numerous threats from unlimited printing by the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve, and the $34 Trillion federal debt both ultimately causing hyperinflation inflation, devaluation and abandonment by other countries, like India which made its first ever purchase of oil from the UAE in Rupees.

  •          The continued threat to the dollar from the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as of January 1, 2024 have been joined by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran and Ethiopia. Some 30 more countries are seeking membership in BRICS. BRICS nations are working to ditch the dollar. Background on BRICS is available at our website in our August 2023 newsletter

  •          BRICS nations now control about 80% of the world’s oil. Oil is the bottom line to economic prosperity, Oil is also power…international, political, economic and military power. This moves us closer to the demise of the US petrodollar as nations pay for oil in alternative currencies. 

  •          Talk by our own government security agencies of cyber threats taking out our power grid. Nothing would cause the breakdown of society faster that a loss of electrical power. Electric power is necessary for water to be pumped in the cities. Immediately, stores would close with no way to check people out at the registers. Gas could not be pumped. ATM’s would not work. If any store was open they would only be accepting cash. Food in refrigerators would spoil. Of course power outages could also be caused by natural disasters, EMP’s and war.


Years ago at the Nevada Legislature we supported a bill by then Democrat State Senator Joe Neal, to establish a Sovereign State Bank, similar to the State Bank in North Dakota. The first two of seventeen recommendations for States in the Solari Report for Financial Transaction Freedom Report, “Actions that Can Be Taken to Secure Financial Transaction Freedom” are:

  •          Form a sovereign state bank (e.g., Bank of North Dakota) to support small and medium sized, state-based financial institutions and local governments, small business and farms.

  •          Maintain state bank deposits, state pension funds, and state-controlled funds in a sovereign state bank or one or more banks it owns and controls that support local bank and credit unions (ensure no dependency on New York Fed (Federal Reserve Bank) or out of state banks). Establish an independent payment system.


Nothing would free our states from domination and enslavement by the Federal Government faster than if the State Legislatures, County Commissions, City Councils, and School Districts would reject all federal funding, which is all encumbered by manipulative mandates and requirements. Nevada receives 34.27% of our State revenue from the Federal Government. The Amendments, the Sixteenth (direct taxation--the income tax) and Seventeenth (direct election of U.S. Senators), overthrew the protections created by our founders in the U.S. Constitution to protect us, by limiting the power of the federal government to tax, spend and thus enslave. 


During Covid I spoke to the Elko City Council asking them to refuse the Federal Covid money and all of its mandates. I explained how we were being enslaved by the federal government, our freedoms dissipated as we continued to hold our hands out for more federal money. The mayor said that he completely agreed with me, but they just could not reject the $18 million dollars. So you see our priceless liberties are traded for a mess of pottage.


The point of all of this is that as we continue to Pushback, especially as we are able to elect more constitutionally minded legislators, we can, as other states have, institute protections to our financial and personal liberties.. We individually can prepare. This is the best of times amid the worst of times.  


US Debt Hits A Record $34.001 Trillion

The US Treasury has a morbid habit of revealing big, round numbers of debt around major calendar milestones, and the new 2024 year was no different because according to the latest Treasury Daily Statement published after the close today and reflecting the US Treasury's financial statements as of Dec 29, 2023, total US debt as of the end of the year was - drumroll - just over $34 trillion for the first time ever, or $34,001,493,655,565.48 to be precise.

Since zerohedge launched in Jan 2009, the total US debt was only $10.6 trillion. We sure have gone a long way since then. Some context: US debt increased by...$1 trillion in the past 3 months, $2 trillion in the past 6 months, $4 trillion in the past 2 years, $11 trillion in the past 4 years

... and so on. You get the exponential picture. At this point everyone knows how this ends - certainly the Congressional Budget Office does...

... but since there is no way to reverse the catastrophic outcome, there is no point in even talking about it. At best, one may only prepare for the inevitable hyperinflationary outcome, which would be good news to what is now over $1 trillion in interest expense: after all, someone has to devalue the currency all that interest is payable in.

And since there is no longer a way out, we may as well joke about it so consider this: in the third quarter when US GDP supposedly grew at a 4.9% annualized rate - hardly the stuff of recessions - rising $547 billion in nominal (not real) dollars, the US budget deficit increased by a whopping $622 billion.

This not only explains where US "growth" has come from, but begs the question just how much debt will be needed when the US falls into an official recession. Or actually not, because at this point the best anyone can do is polish the brass on the titanic while waiting for the inevitable…


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