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Protect Yourself Against the Next Recession

Nevada Families for Freedom

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45th Anniversary

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Editor: Janine Hansen

September 2019, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 45, Number 9, Email version

The Freedom Calendars are here!

Anyone who contributes $50 during this year will receive a Freedom Calendar as a Thank You from Nevada Families. The Freedom Calendars are a Constitutional education each month covering one of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights with other great information.

They also make wonderful Christmas gifts and are available for $5 each plus $2 shipping. If you are ordering 5 or more, they are $4.00 each and we will let you know what the shipping is. You can pick up calendars in the Reno/Sparks and Elko areas with no shipping. Order now!

Remember the Great Recession? It’s starting again with the Banks too Big to Fail.

Remember 2007-2008 when Lehman Brothers Bank failed? Remember the ensuing “Great Recession”?

There was a $700 Billion Bailout approved by Congress to STOP the implosion of the banking system for the “Banks too Big to Fail”. Remember that other businesses were not bailed out?

Starting last week there was a major interbank Cash Run for several large banks including BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, etc. The Federal Reserve quietly doled out $350 Billion starting a week ago and has announced pumping up to One Trillion dollars into the banking sector over the next several weeks.

Last week I watched a youtube segment by Glen Beck which has an excellent explanation of what is happening: and recommendations of what to do.

What it means for you is that another recession is coming. I shared in last month’s Newsletter other information that was giving us the same warning. When it hits the big banks it begins to trickle down to all of us over time. Banks fail, money tightens, companies can’t get the money they need and start laying off.

How can you protect yourself? Prayerfully consider what to do. 1) Get out of the Big Banks…the ones too big to fail…and put your money in a local banks and credit unions. 2) Have some cash on hand for a couple of months of living expenses. 3) As I have said repeatedly, get out of debt as much as possible.

4) Review your preparations, food storage (do you have any?), basic supplies like TP, toothpaste (how much do you need for 3 months or more?) 5) Consider how you can downsize your monthly bills. 6) Review your investments.

Because of the massive money printing by the Federal Reserve to keep the Big Banks from failing, inflation will be increasing. Every preparation you purchase now will cost less than later. Another way to hedge against inflation eating up your spending power is to consider buying gold and silver. Their prices have gone up 20% in the last few months. They are a safe store of money in times of crisis.

Our Visit with Nevada U.S. Congressman Amodei

Lynn Chapman our state Vice President and I are in Washington D.C. at our national Eagle Council meeting, September 19-21, 2019. Yesterday we spent the day on Capitol Hill lobbying our U.S. Representatives.

We put on our walking shoes, took the Metro and started by seeing Congressman Mark Amodei, Dist 2 in Northern Nevada. He is the only Republican Congressman from Nevada.

He was happy to see us…some real people from the District that are not raving liberals. We discussed the public lands issue. He was very hopeful about working with the other Congressmen from Nevada on several lands bills. We were encouraged by his report. Clark County and numerous other counties in the state are land locked by federally controlled land and even the Nevada Democrats are feeling the pressure of the need to expand private and county land in their jurisdictions.

He was solid on protecting our Second Amendment Rights from the onslaught of the gun grabbers in Congress and in the media. Where’s the facts, he asked, that show restrictive gun legislation protects us from the crazies who already violate our gun laws?

(Visit with Amodei continued) He was clearly opposed to Medicare for all, particularly sighting the majority of Nevadans that have employer provided healthcare and do not want to give it up for a questionable “government health care program.”

We made the Congressman aware that HJR38/SJ6 has been introduced which would remove the original deadline of the 1972 so called Equal Rights Amendment which died in 1981. This is an attempt to circumvent the original deadline and resurrect the horrendous federal ERA. Nevada radical feminists, in 2017, forced the federal ERA through the Nevada Legislature as a part of the 3 State strategy, which they claim could result in the passage of the federal ERA.

In addition, HJR35 recognizes that the original ERA is dead and proposes a new Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment. There are not enough sponsors on either measure at this time. ERA should be referred to as “Everything Related to Abortion” as it would eliminate all protections for women and unborn babies which have passed since Roe v Wade and would force taxpayer funding of abortions for all nine months and maybe even infanticide after birth.

Congressman Amodei has signed onto the “Born Alive Survivors Protection Act” and the discharge petition to try to get a vote in Congress on the bill. H.R. 962 has 190 co-sponsors including 3 Democrats, but needs 218 House members to sign on. This bill protects babies who survive an abortion and requires medical personnel to provide life saving measures.

After our visit with the Congressman we spent two days in the Eagle Forum Conference learning from the best on current issues so we can be more effective in fighting for Life, Liberty and Family in Nevada.


Eagle Council our National Eagle Forum Convention in Washington D.C. was one of the best ever. I have included some of the critical issues that were presented and discussed.

Our Children in the Government Schools are being Besieged with Transgender Ideology,

Losing their Privacy and Jeopardizing their Safety. There is no basis in fact for this ideology.

Erin Brewer, PhD., spoke about how she was previously a “Trans Kid”. It was fascinating to hear her personal story about how, with gentle reinforcement, she was encouraged to embrace being a girl. One of the most interesting parts to me was that the year before she started showing signs of rejecting her biological sex as a girl she had been sexually molested. For her and for me this was an important key. Years ago in the 1990’s when I was investigating the homosexual issue for a publication I was doing, I read Dr. Paul Cameron’s research which showed almost all homosexuals had been sexually molested as children or teenagers. It makes sense.

An exceptional booklet was distributed at our conference, Public Discourse, The Witherspoon Institute, “The Crack in the Edifice of Transgender Totalitarianism,” by Jane Robbins. Here is where you can access the entire article.

I will quote from Robbins. “The transgender castle that radicals have constructed by sheer force of will is built on shifting sand without supports of any kind. The wave that will sweep it away is gaining strength. May the time come soon when we will all say, with observers of past hysterias, ‘How could we have believed that?’”

“Dr. Money of John Hopkins University designated transsexualism a condition to be treated medically rather than psychologically. Money changed the terminology used, co-opting the term ‘gender’ to now mean ‘the social performance indicative of an internal sexed identity’. In other words Money decreed that an individual could have a ‘gender’ that differed from his or her biological sex. ‘Transsexual’ thus became ‘transgender.’”

“There is not and never has been any scientific basis for Money’s dichotomy between gender and sex, interpreted as the idea that a person can be born into the ‘wrong’ body. (As pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Quentin Van Meter puts it, ‘There is zero point zero zero’ science behind the concept.) Yet Money’s social political construct now dominates medicine, psychiatry, academia and the culture at large.”

At John Hopkins ‘patients underwent hormone treatments and surgery to amputate healthy organs and create faux new ones.’ Despite ethical objections from psychoanalysts and many surgeons (“it is one thing to remove diseased tissue and quite another to amputate healthy organs because emotionally disturbed patients request it.”)”

“Transgender orthodoxy (or ideology or theology) has thus seized Western society with absolutely no basis in fact.” The booklet is 40 pages long with 109 citations.

Nevada’s proposed Constitutional Amendment SJR8 the disastrous so-called Equal Rights Amendment would put sexual orientation and gender identity or expression into our Constitution. SJR8 says: “RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, JOINTLY, That a new section, designated Section 24, be added to Article 1 of the Nevada Constitution to read as follows: Sec. 24. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this State or any of its political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry or national origin.”

Secure the GRID!

Prevent Another Unthinkable Nationwide 9/11

Go to their website and find out what action you need to take before October 28 to Secure the Grid

America’s electric grid, data centers, telecommunications networks, and other critical infrastructure can be damaged or destroyed in several different ways:

· nuclear weapon that generates an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effect;

· radio frequency device (RFD) which emits a smaller, localized EMP and can be assembled from everyday equipment from a local electronics store or purchased ready-made on the internet;

· cyber warfare;

· kinetic (i.e. direct physical) attacks; or

· geo-magnetic disturbance (GMD) from the sun which can generate an EMP-like effect.

· Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP)

A nuclear EMP is a very real threat, given what we know about the Iranian and North Korean nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. Both countries have demonstrated advanced capabilities to create a functioning nuclear warhead as well as to build and test the ballistic missiles that might be used as delivery vehicles for such weapons.

Radio Frequency Devices (RFDs)

Devices capable of subjecting transformers and other critical infrastructure to localized, but destructive, levels of EMP can be built from readily available equipment from local electronics stores and instructions from the internet. While the damage would not be nearly as devastating or widespread as that of a nuclear EMP, the ease of acquiring and assembling parts means that terrorists have a relatively easy way to cause significant damage to local communities.

Kinetic (i.e. Direct Physical) Attacks

The April 2013 attack on an electrical substation near San Jose, California demonstrates both the vulnerability of our physical grid infrastructure as well as the fact that terrorists also have been thinking about multiple ways to attack us. Assailants who were never apprehended attacked the Pacific Gas and Electric Metcalf substation with automatic rifle fire on the night of 16 April 2013. Firing more than 100 shots altogether, they knocked out 17 transformers and, even though electric officials were able to avert a blackout, the damage took 27 days to repair. Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at the time, called the attack “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the U.S. power grid that has ever occurred.”

Cyber Warfare

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reports that cyber attacks on the electric grid system are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. Such attacks come from a variety of different sources, including nation states and sub-national terrorist organizations. Concern over their ability to hack into U.S. power grid software and possibly disrupt the electrical supply system is growing because such an attack could be one of the quickest ways to destroy the U.S. economy.

Geo-Magnetic Disturbance (GMD)

Even if no enemy attacks our electric grid, we know that the sun will. That is because the sun regularly is shooting off geo-magnetic storms in every direction. It is only a matter of time before one of those storms hits Earth and creates a similar EMP-type of effect as that of a nuclear bomb.

In fact, we know that in 1859, a massive solar storm that came to be known as the “Carrington Event” (after the astronomer who documented and explained what happened) struck the earth and generated fires in telegraph offices as well as extraordinary northern lights displays.

Because everything in modern life now requires electric power, the 1859 event was not nearly as catastrophic as a severe geomagnetic storm would be today. Were such a solar storm to strike Earth today, the damage would be in the trillions of dollars, but worse yet, societies all over the world would be devastated. Human life as we know it could be nearly wiped out.

Best Seller

“Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story”

By Wilfred McClay, PhD, Professor of History University of Oklahoma

We have a glut of text and trade books on American history. But what we don’t have is a compact, inexpensive, authoritative, and compulsively readable book that will offer to American readers a clear, informative, and inspiring narrative account of their own country. Such an account can shape and deepen their sense of the land they inhabit and, by making them understand that land’s roots, and share in its memories, will equip them for the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in American society. It will provide them with an enduring sense of membership in one of the greatest enterprises in human history: the exciting, perilous, and consequential story of their own country. The existing texts simply fail to tell that story with energy and conviction. They are more likely to reflect the skeptical or partial outlook of specialized professional academic historians, an outlook that leads to a fragmented and fractured view of modern American society and fails to convey to American readers the greater arc of their own history. Or they disproportionately reflect the outlook of radical critics of American society, whose one-sided accounts lack the balance of a larger perspective and have had an enormous, and largely negative, effect upon the teaching of American history in American high schools and colleges. This state of affairs cannot continue for long without producing serious consequences. A great nation needs and deserves a great and coherent narrative, as an expression of its own self-understanding; and it needs to be able to convey that narrative to its young effectively. It perhaps goes without saying that such a narrative cannot be a fairy tale or a whitewash of the past; it will not be convincing if it is not truthful. But there is no necessary contradiction between an honest account of the American past and an inspiring one. This account seeks to provide both. (Review from Amazon) Great for Homeschoolers.

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