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Our Freedom Calendars are here just in time for Constitution Day.  Each month covers a different amendment from the Bill of Rights. Everyone who has donated $50 this year will receive a Freedom Calendar as our thank you.  Additional Freedom Calendars are available for $5 each. If you are in Reno/Sparks or Elko you can pick them up. If not, we can mail them for $1 each. Every year they seem to be more popular!

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Vol. 42 009 October 2016

"For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." KJV Luke 6:42


Nevada Governor and State Legislature Bought by Adelson

I was horrified by outcome of the recent Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. The Legislature approved a tax increase nearly as much as the 2015 tax which was the largest tax increase ever passed in Nevada. The sick part of all of this is that "Republicans" are supposed to be against increasing taxes. We have a Republican Governor and a Republican controlled State Senate and Assembly. As far as I am concerned we would have been better off if the Democrats had controlled the Legislature. The largest tax increase in Nevada history would never have passed because the majority of Republicans would have opposed it. AND the Stadium tax increase would not have passed either. In addition, the special session would never have been called.

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