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STOP the Radical State ERA

What Can YOU Do to STOP the Radical State ERA?

On the November 2022 Ballot

We need YOU to be our volunteers to defeat Question 1.

This is a total Grassroots effort.

See the enclosed STOPQuestion1ERA flyer

What can YOU do to defeat Question 1?

  • You can visit our website Download and make copies of our flyer to share with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, Bible Study group, etc.

  • Share with your Pastor and see if your church will distribute them to their members.

  • Ask the Republican Women’s or Men’s Club to share them with their members.

  • Share them with all Conservative or Constitutional Political organizations.

  • Share the information and a link to the website on Face Book, Telegram or other social media sites.

  • Keep some flyers in your purse, pocket or car to share with someone at the grocery store, etc.

If you would like a lot of copies to distribute we can send you a PDF copy of the flier and you can get it printed OR we are happy to mail you flyers. If you will help us in your community, let us know.

You can get copies from:

Carson-Douglas: Nancy Jones 775-400-1436

Ely: Eva Trimble 775-296-2258

Elko: Janine Hansen 775-397-6859

Fallon: Pat Saake 775-867-2198

Henderson-Las Vegas: Mary Rooney 702-413-4828

Reno-Sparks: Lynn Chapman 775-356-0105 or Reno Sally Zamora 775-851-5078

Pahrump: Lou Baker 702-743-8297

Winnemucca: Sasha Altman 775-304-6921

Everywhere else contact Janine Hansen 775-397-6859 or email

and we will mail copies.

Donate to: Nevada Families for Freedom

Donate to: STOP Question 1 ERA online

or at P.O. Box 201, Sparks, Nevada 89432

We Consider Question 1 to be Harmful & Dangerous Especially to Girls, Women and Parents

The dangerous consequences of the language in the amendment include “sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age” which could allow minor children to receive puberty blockers and surgery for gender change without parental consent.

One of our most serious concerns is that religious liberty will not be protected under the state ERA. During the original hearings in the State Senate, I specifically asked the sponsor to add religious liberty to her list of rights supposedly protected by the proposed Nevada ERA. She refused and religious liberty was specifically left out of the proposed amendment creating Legislative intent. As a result of the last couple of years under covid we can see that government can eliminate religious liberty at their whim. This Nevada Constitutional Amendment will put private religious schools, churches, faith-based organizations and individuals who profess traditional views on marriage and gender at risk of losing their religious liberties.

Because the proposed amendment DOES NOT protect religious liberty, it could force professionals who object to performing abortions and prescribing puberty blockers and gender change surgery for children to capitulate or be forced to quit.

As under the State ERA in New Mexico this amendment will result in taxpayers paying for abortions.

It will result in allowing biological males to compete against girls in sports and on sports teams and for scholarships, harming girls and women.

It will require government owned facilities, like schools and colleges, to allow biological men in women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, endangering girls and women.

Could age-based laws on sex, sexual consent, and child endangerment be challenged?

No meaningful Legislative hearings were held on the impacts of this vague language. It is truly impossible to know the far reaching consequences. STOP Ballot Question 1 ERA – Vote NO!


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