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Vote NO on Elko School Bond Issue

Be sure to Vote by Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Elko Special Election

  • Taxpayers want better education not more buildings. The bond money can only be used for capital building projects.

  • This money cannot be used to improve the poor quality of education in Elko. Nevada ranks 50th in the nation with Elko near the bottom of Nevada.

  • This bond will cost taxpayers $41,433,760 in interest alone besides the $150,000,000 in bonds.

  • The School District has wasted tax dollars and used them irresponsibly. For instance they built a new performing arts auditorium for Elko High School for $21,000,000 which seats less than the Convention Center which they used in the past for just $9,000 a year.

  • Most of the trailers at Elko County Schools are over 20 years old. No effort has been made to replace them even though under “Pay as You Go” the District spent $251,583,835 between 1986 and April 2020.

  • “Pay As You Go” for the School District was voted down by 58.83% of Elko Voters in November of 2020.

  • The Elko School Board has been unresponsive to the concerns of parents and taxpayers.

  • The School District’s plan to spend the bond money lacks specifics, transparency and oversight.

Vote NO on Elko School Bond Issue

Paid for by the Coalition of Elko Taxpayers for Responsible Schools

Coalition of Nevada Voters, Nevada Families for Freedom, Parents of Elko County


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