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April Legislative Update & Report

Nevada Families for Freedom

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50th Anniversary

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Editor: Janine Hansen

April 2023, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 50, Number 3 Email Version

April Legislative Update & Report

The Nevada Legislature met its first important deadline on April 14, 2023 where all bills except those with fiscal notes (money) attached had to be passed out of the first committee. The next deadline is April 25, 2023 where most bills must have passed the first house either Senate or Assembly. Then the bills go to the other house and are assigned to a committee for a hearing.

The Good News First

AB115 created hygienic spaces where persons who are at least 18 years of age could consume drugs that they have obtained before arriving at the space . Dead.

AB31 made Juneteenth a legal State Holiday which meant that government workers would get another paid day off costing nearly a million dollars over the biennium (two years). Many slaves were freed after President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, yet slaves in Texas had to wait two more years, until June 19, 1865. Died on deadline.

AB95 Incumbent Protection and Suppress Democracy bill required all candidates to get petition signatures in order to be able to file for office. It also allowed candidates and public officials to use campaign funds for babysitting and other person care. Died on the deadline.

AB175 Changed the Clark and Washoe County School Boards from seven elected members to 4 elected members and 3 appointed members. This bill was amended to only apply to Clark County, to keep all 7 elected school board members but to add 4 appointed non-voting members.

AB330 Governor’s School discipline bill designed to remove “Restorative Justice” from the schools which has resulted in a massive increase in violence in the schools. It provides for accountability if schools do not succeed in significantly lowering school violence. It implements increased discipline tools for teachers and principals. It was watered down by the Committee. Passed Committee.

AB336 Drivers Authorization card, drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens, was amended to remove the portion of the bill which allowed the cards to be used to determine eligibility for all benefits, licenses or services issued or provided by this state or political subdivision (county, city, school district. That means illegal aliens would be eligible for all professional licenses, welfare benefits, Medicaid (government medical insurance) and all taxpayer funded government services.

AB418 Crisis Pregnancy Center intimidation and harassment bill, allowed the Attorney General to investigate Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Dead.

AJR3 the Radical Environmental Green Amendment placing the self executing rights of environment into the Nevada Constitution equal to Freedom of Speech is dead.

SJR6 Annual Sessions is Dead. Currently Nevada meets every other year for 120 calendar days. This resolution did not get a hearing. Even the Democrats didn’t want annual sessions.

SB53 would have moved the filing deadline for candidates from the first two weeks in March to the first two weeks in January making 2 more months for campaigns. Died on the deadline.

SB142 the Homeless Bill of Rights is Dead. It gave homeless people more rights than other people and allowed them to sue those who they thought violated their rights.

SB155 prohibited Counties and Cities from enforcing health and safety regulations if they “discriminated” against the homeless. This bill was completely gutted. The new bill removes fines from the homeless which were never able to be collected, but essentially gives them the choice when charged with misdemeanors to go to jail or participate in programs through the courts to help rehabilitate them. Testimony indicated a 75% success rate for the programs.

SB227 Prohibited “Hate Speech”. Defined the term "symbol of hate" to mean a symbol, image or object that expresses animus on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, disablilty, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or gender identity or expression. Displaying an object in public or in plain vies of the public with the intent to intimidate (frighten) or make someone feel threatened commits the CRIME of INTIMIDATION. We would be the ones charged with hate crimes. Died on the deadline.

SB294 Safe Storage of Firearms bill which forced all firearms to be under lock and key was amended to return to the original language in Nevada Law. It now only provides that school districts with more than 50,000 students train officers, and prepare for an active assailant.

SB405 Governor’s Election bill will return our election laws to the reasonable laws which we had in Nevada before Covid, no mail in ballots except for those requested. It adds a photo government ID which is critical and it significantly limits ballot harvesting. It has a waiver so it will have a hearing.

In Process Passed First Committee or First House--the Fight Still Continues

AB7 Requires the creation, authentication, and storage of health care records on a computer system that is part of a state health information exchange. This bill is the KEY to creating the data base with your personal health information that will be available to the state, federal government and ultimately the World Health Organization for the creation of health passports.

AB117 Domestic Terrorism appropriate $5 million to law enforcement. The definition of Domestic Terrorism: “The commission of an unlawful act because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of another person or group of persons. This is a very dangerous bill which puts all of us at risk of subjective enforcement.

AB118 Reduces the number of members of the Board of Regents from 13 to 9 significantly decreasing representation particularly in the rural counties. Passed Assembly.

AB321 Universal Commercial Code originally changed the definition of money. The amendment resolves our concerns about the bill which before the amendment paved the way for a Central Bank Digital Currency which could destroy financial freedom. However, the bill is waiting to be amended.

AB237 School Based Health Clinics has been amended to replace all sections—except Section 5, which requires Medicaid managed care organizations to negotiate in good faith with each Nevada school-based health center to provide services to recipients of Medicaid. It increases Medicaid reimbursement by 5% costing $1,683,732 tax dollars. It provides for Opt Out parental consent. We asked for Opt In. This bill begins the process of health care in the schools paid for by Medicaid for children mostly of illegals in the schools.

AB242 Mandates mechanical/electronic voting machines for all county, city and statewide elections. Prohibits the use of paper ballots at all voting locations except for mail in ballots delivered to the location. Makes vote by mail a permanent fixture in Nevada elections.

AB313 Environmental Justice was amended to make the Commission on Environmental Justice to be Advisory so this was a partial victory.

AB328 Appropriates $500,000 for FY 23-24 and $500,000 for FY 24-25 for the Boyd School of Law at UNLV for the Immigration Clinic. The purpose is to help illegal aliens with their legal problems including those facing deportation. Declared exempt (doesn’t have to meet the deadlines).

AB354 Prohibits a firearm within 100 ft. of a polling place, makes it a gross misdemeanor.

AB355 prohibits anyone under 21 from possessing a semi-automatic shotgun or a semi-automatic center fire rifle and makes it a gross misdemeanor. A person who aids or knowingly permits someone under 21 to violate this is guilty of a misdemeanor. Violates the Second Amendment.

AB357 Planned Parenthood Sex Education makes local Sex Education Advisory Committees under County School Boards irrelevant, placing the responsibility for curriculum in the State Council to Establish Academic Standards for Public Schools which is unavailable and unaccountable to the public. It changes who can teach sex education. Currently it may be taught only by a teacher or school nurse. AB357 opens it up to a ”provider of health care or other person” which means you can have Planned Parenthood or other similar people with anti-family agendas in the classroom if approved by the School Board. It changes “opt in” to “opt out” undermining parental involvement.

AB359 removes the requirement for a vote of the people in CLARK COUNTY to raise gas taxes after 2026 and instead allows the County Commission to adopt an ordinance allowing themselves, the County Commission, to raise the gas taxes.

AB383 Contraceptive bill amended to be an abortion bill. Adds a definition of reproductive health services, which means “medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services relating to the human reproductive system, including, without limitation, services relating to pregnancy, contraception, miscarriage, in-vitro fertilization, or any procedure or care found by a competent medical professional to be appropriate based upon the wishes of a patient and in accordance with the laws of this State.” Medicaid must pay for contraceptives when dispensed in an outpatient setting.

AB386 Creates a licensing board for midwives which 2 midwives are seeking so they can receive payment from Medicaid. Over 25 traditional midwives in Nevada oppose this bill because it will ultimately eliminate traditional midwives. We already have a shortage of doctors and midwives.

ACR7 Directs the Joint Interim Standing Committee (between Legislative Sessions) to conduct a study on Wealth Taxes. The Nevada Constitution requires all taxes to be applied equally so this is unconstitutional.

SB109 changes the presumption that a person must affirmatively agree to be a donor for anatomical gifts and sets up a potential for organ harvesting.

SB131 Abortion tourism, sex trafficking and predators protection bill. Idaho just passed a law making it illegal to transport a child over a state line for an abortion. SB131 will prohibit our Governor and law enforcement from cooperating with Idaho in apprehending child sex traffickers and predators. Passed Senate all Dems plus Republicans Gansert & Buck, 15 to 6.

SB163 Requires all insurance and Medicaid (tax funded) to include treatment relating to gender dysphoria, gender incongruence and other disorders of sexual development including surgical intervention. So taxpayers will be paying for surgery for transgenders. Nevada law does require parental consent for a child under 18 to have treatment or surgery.

SB171 the anti-Second Amendment Hate Crimes bill. People should not lose their Right to Keep and Bear Arms over a misdemeanor hate crime which is totally subjective and subject to political interpretation and therefore very dangerous.

SB172 removes the required parental consent or notification for minors to receive contraceptive drugs, devices, vaccines or preventative HIV treatments. In 2013, the Nevada Legislature adopted NRS 126.036 which says, “The liberty interest of a parent in the care, custody and management of the parent’s child is a fundamental right.” Passed Senate 14 to 7.

SB239 Assisted Suicide. This put the most vulnerable and disabled at risk. Assisted suicide gives

insurance companies and governments the ability to save money by pushing lethal drugs that are less expensive than treatment. Passed 11 to 10 with all Republicans voting No plus 2 Democrats.

SB262 removes the qualification to be a qualified elector (able to vote) in order to serve on an unincorporated town board or citizen’s advisory board for an unincorporated town and allows illegal aliens to serve on local boards.

SB318 Allows an incorporated city to impose an annual surcharge not to exceed $25 on users of the sanitary sewer system. The money is to provide services or affordable housing to persons who are homeless or indigent.

In Process Passed First Committee or First House--the Fight Still Continues

SB394 Property Tax Increase requires each County Commission to increase property taxes for schools by an additional 10 cents for each $100 of assessed valuation. Currently it is 75 cents on each $100 of assessed valuation for schools. It also allows the property tax in a county to go above the property tax cap. Nevada Schools rank 49th in the nation. California ranks 15th. More money will not help the schools until there is a fundamental change in curriculum.

SB419 which originally would have given all Illegal Aliens taxpayer funded Medicaid has been amended because the Federal Government does not currently allow illegals to receive tax funded Medicaid insurance. The sponsor, Senator Donate, has amended it to add all kinds of free Nevada Taxpayer funded services for illegals. The fiscal notes add up to a whopping $1,196,528,552 over a Billion Dollars! The only reason this is good is because there’s just no way that it will be passed with this gargantuan price tag. It’s still alive and will be heard next Senate Finance Committee. The other problem with this bill is that it creates a centralized government health database which jeopardizes individual privacy and freedom.

SB439 Senate Planned Parenthood Sex Ed mirrors AB357.

AJR6 National Popular Vote is a Constitutional Amendment. It is a vote stealing scheme. If Nevada’s popular vote is for a Republican for President but the national popular vote is for Democrat, Nevada’s electors will be forced to vote for a Democrat. It will make Nevada a meaningless fly over state in Presidential Elections. California, Texas, New York and Florida will decide who the president is. National Popular Vote bypasses the Electoral College in violation of our U.S. Constitution.

SJR7 makes abortion a fundamental Constitutional right for all nine months. It passed the Senate. It must pass the Legislature twice and then go on the ballot.

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