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Editor: Janine Hansen

April 2019, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 45, Number 4, Email version

Please pray for the Legislature and the Governor.

Legislative Update—

The Bills listed below unless otherwise noted have passed one House of the Legislature and still must pass the other.

The Nevada Legislature has 40 days left in the session. It ends on June 3rd at midnight. April 12th was a deadline for the majority of bills to pass out of committee in the first house and April 23nd was the deadline for most bills to be out of the entire first house (Assembly or Senate) or they are dead.

Bad Bills that have Died—MIRACLES!

AB53 removes from the NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes) all the requirements for drivers’ licenses, drivers’ authorization cards for illegal aliens and ID cards and gives this power to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to determine what to accept for identification and issuance of the cards. I believe this should be left in State Statute where elected officials have oversight. Never received a vote in committee.

AB149 and SB246 abolishing the Death Penalty are both dead. Neither ever received a hearing.

AB253 Prekindergarten Improvement and Expansion: appropriated $8 million tax dollars for prekindergarten programs in schools and child care facilities. This bill is dead. However, there are two other prekindergarten bills and they appropriate $24 million, SB84 ad SB444 in the Senate Finance.

AB281 Makes Nevada a Sanctuary State. This means state and local law enforcement will not cooperate with federal immigration authorities and clearly would make Nevada a Sanctuary State! The death of this bill is another miracle! It prohibits a state or local law enforcement agency, school police unit or campus police department from detaining a person on the basis of a “hold request” from the U.S. Immigration Enforcement and the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, except where there is an independent finding of probable cause. A “hold request” means a request by a federal immigration authority that a state or local law enforcement agency, school police unit or campus police department maintain custody of a person who is in the custody of that agency beyond the time the person would otherwise be eligible for release, to facilitate the transfer of custody of the person to the federal immigration authority. An “Independent finding of probable cause” means “a warrant which is based upon probable cause which is issued by a federal judge, etc”. A determination which is based upon clear and convincing evidence that authorizes a federal immigration authority to take into custody that person. Was placed on Chief Clerk’s Desk and never received a vote in the Assembly.

AB295 Sex Education: Every session since 2011, we have battled a horrendous Planned Parenthood Sex Education bill forcing perverted sex education in our schools. Every year that we stopped it was a miracle. Last Session it passed both Assembly and Senate, but thankfully Governor Sandoval vetoed it. This year AB295 Sex Education was the same. AB295 is dead. It never even received a hearing. I am still very surprised. It seems that this would have been the perfect session to finally get it passed…I don’t know the back story, but I do know that our prayers have been answered!

Bad Bills that Died—continued

AB401 imposes taxes for miles driven in your car, SUV or truck. Because we drive more fuel efficient cars, they are not getting enough fuel taxes. Those who drive electric cars pay nothing.

AJR5 which was an application for an Article V Constitutional Convention to Repeal Citizens United and is promoted by George Soros money through Wolf PAC also died. Last session we were incredibly successful in repealing all previous Article V Constitutional Convention applications by unanimous votes in both the Senate and the Assembly, which is unprecedented. We worked very hard with Left leaning organizations and unions to insure that this bill never received a hearing.

AJR9 Constitutional Amendment to Appoint Judges rather than Elect them. It was passed out of

committee without recommendation. Must pass the Assembly and Senate, be voted on again in 2021 and then go on the ballot.

SB43 Authorized using Red Light Cameras to issues tickets is dead. This bill is fraught with corruption in other states. Red Light camera companies pay off government officials so they can make lots of money. The people have no opportunity to face their accusers. It’s just another scheme to allow government to revenue the people.

SB165 Assisted Suicide. In California and Oregon this has lead to Insurance Companies refusing life saving treatment and instead encouraging the “cheaper” treatment of assisted suicide. It was placed on the Secretary’s Desk and never received a vote in the Senate because they didn’t have the votes.

SJR6* from the 2017 session increased minimum wage. This had to pass this session and then go on the ballot. This should never be in the Constitution. It increased the minimum wage starting in 2021to $9.40 an hour and each year thereafter by $1.15 until it reached $14. The more government tries to help us the more they harm us. Businesses just automate, hire fewer people and young people never get any work experience.

Good Bills that have Died

AB99 Required the Teaching of the Founding Principles of American Government. The fact that this bill never received a hearing tells you a lot about the antagonism to Americanism that exists in the Democrat leadership of our Legislature. The bill required the teaching of the essentials, origin and history of the U.S. Constitution, the Federalists Papers, the structure of government, separation of powers, and freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. No wonder our students are so ignorant of what made America great.

AB437 Constitutional Carry. This bill removes the requirement for a Concealed Carry Weapon CCW permit and instead institutes Constitutional Carry…the right to carry for self defense without a permit. All these states have Constitutional Carry: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho (residents only), Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota (residents only), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont (which was the first state), West Virginia, Wyoming (residents only). And we think we are free!

SB439 a good CCW bill was never heard. It provided that if you carried concealed but could qualify for a CCW you would not be charged with a crime. It was especially useful for CCW holders who are waiting sometimes months for the government to get them their CCW.

Good Bills that Passed One House

AB113 Transfer tax on Firearms: Nevada citizens lawfully purchase firearms from retail outlets located outside the State of Nevada. According to federal law, these purchases must be shipped to a Nevada Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder who performs a background check before giving the firearm to the purchaser. Nevada FFLs are charged gross sales tax for firearms they did not own, nor derive any retail sales from. This bill removes this tax. Passed out of Assembly and now in Senate.

AB123 Vaccines: This is a miracle bill. It started out as a very bad bill, now it contains all the amendments we asked for to protect Religious and Medical exemptions which comprise less than 3% of children. We anticipate a huge fight with the Big Pharma, their lackeys from “Immunize Nevada” and the State Health Department Bureaucrats in the Senate.

Good Bills that Passed One House—Continued

AB226 Prohibits Government from Microchipping: This bill prohibits an officer or employee of this State or any local government or any other person from requiring another person to undergo the implantation of a microchip or other permanent identification marker of any kind or nature

SB403 Student Data: This bill provides some limited protection for students’ data. This is a good beginning and is as a result of John Eppilito’s hard work.

Bad Bills that were Amended and are now much Better

AB430 was a bill for home and family visits by government. It was an alarming and dangerous bill…designed with good intentions, but scary. It provided that the Division of Health and Human Services shall establish and coordinate with other state and local governmental agencies to carry out a family home visiting system to provide trained professionals to visit the homes of children during early childhood. This bill has been changed to a Study to help as risk mothers, like those drug addicted to help them get help so they can keep their babies.

AB244 Allowed an unelected committee to recommend 5 possible tax increases for capital school projects be placed on the ballot. It applied to all counties but Clark. Because of our objections it was changed to apply only Carson City. The Committee was eliminated and only an elected body like the County Commission can recommend tax increases. We want to thank Assemblyman Kramer for responding to our concerns.

Bad Bills that Passed one House: Now move to other House

AB 95 Limit Domestic Wells: This bill attempts to retroactively take 75% of a domestic well owner’s water allotment which will devastate any chance of a rural lifestyle. Domestic use of water was purposely exempted from Nevada law. This bill gives the State Water Engineer dictatorial control with no due process or protection for Domestic Well Owners. The language in this bill is to confuse legislators to think that domestic wells have a priority date tied to the appropriation date of water rights. This bill is attempting an unconstitutional taking without compensation.

AB153 required storage for firearms has been amended and improves the bill. These Republicans voted with Democrats on this bill: Glen Leavitt, Tom Roberts, Jill Tolles.

AB186 National Popular Vote: NPV circumvents the Constitution and the Electoral College creating a “compact” between the states. Unlike the U.S. Constitution which requires three-quarters of the states to amend the Constitution, only states with enough electoral votes to equal 270 are needed for NPV to go into effect which could mean as few as 20 or less. The following States plus the District of Columbia have already signed onto the NPV State Compact. The states are listed with their number of electoral votes: California 55, Connecticut 7, District of Columbia 3, Hawaii 4, Illinois 20, Maryland 10, Massachusetts 11, New Jersey 14, New York 29, Rhode Island 4, Vermont 3, Washington 12, Colorado 9 and New Mexico equaling 186 electoral votes. This means that according to NPV Compact they are more than 69% of the way to their goal or just 84 electoral votes short from putting the Compact into effect! If only a portion of the additional states not listed above voting for Hillary passed the NPV Compact, it would go into effect. Passed Assembly. It will be heard by the Senate Legislative Operations and Elections Committee on Wed. April 24.

AB291 Removes state pre-emption from Firearms which would allow Clark County to reinstitute gun registration. This would allow counties to impose restrictions which are greater than the state’s, concerning ownership, transportation, storage, registration and licensing of firearms. It will allow local governments to impose more restrictions on CCW Concealed Carry Weapon Permits. It prohibits anyone from importing, selling manufacturing, transferring, receiving or possessing any device that is designed, when attached to a semi-automatic, increases the rate of fire.

AB344 Enables installation of Harmful 5G Technology by prohibiting a city or county from preventing its installation. Studies show it is linked to cancer and many other health problems.

Bad Bills that Passed one House: Now move to other House--continued

AB458 Limits Choice in Education Scholarships: Caps Educational Choice Scholarships and

cuts tax Incentives to pay for the Educational Choice Scholarships. This helps to maintain the monopoly of the failing government schools. All 12 Republicans voted no.

AJR2* Same Sex Marriage: There is no need to change Nevada’s marriage amendment for marriage between a man and a woman, which was passed by 70% of Nevada voters. The U.S. Supreme Court has already rendered it inoperative. However, changing Nevada’s marriage amendment will subject Christians to government sanctioned discrimination and persecution. Although clergy are minimally protected, church volunteers, employees, members and other religious organizations are unprotected. Individuals exercising their deeply held religious beliefs in their businesses will be subjected to religious targeting, discrimination and persecution. This Constitutional Amendment passed in 2017, passed Assembly. It must pass in 2019 and then go on the ballot.

AJR6 Asks Congress not to include a Census Question on Citizenship. This issue has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court which will make the final decision. All Democrats voted in favor and Republicans Melissa Hardy, Glen Leavitt, Tom Roberts, Jill Tolles voted with the Democrats.

SB48 Increases taxes on diesel fuel in rural counties (all counties except Clark and Washoe). In 2016 All the rural counties voted overwhelmingly in opposition to raising the diesel taxes. OPPOSE more taxes and more money for government. Passed Senate and only 4 Republicans voted against it: Senators Gansert, Hansen, Kieckhefer, Settelmeyer.

SB179 Remove significant portions of informed consent law on Abortion. This bill was amended by the Sponsor Senator Yvanna Cancella, to remove the most egregious portions. (This was a miraculous victory in and of itself!) What the bill now does is significantly weaken informed consent removing the requirement that the physician explain the physical and emotional implications of having an abortion. In addition, it removes the requirement that her informed consent be given “freely without coercion.” It appears that it will allow “home abortions”. Passed Senate with all Republicans except Kieckhefer voting No plus Democrats Denis and Washington voting No.

SB354 Board of Regents: This bill takes away your right to vote for Board of Regents and instead provides that if AJR5* passes that immediately 4 Regents will be appointed I call it the Senator Woodhouse Lie bill. She promised during the hearing to amend out the portion that takes away your right to vote. It also reduces the number of Regents from 13 to 9 reducing your representation. Only 6 Republicans vote No: Senators Goicoechea, Gansert, Hansen, Hardy, Picard, Settelmeyer.

SB450 Makes Recalling an elected official nearly impossible. It increases the requirements creating virtually impossible hurtles. Only 23 recalls have been attempted in the last 39 years. All but 2 failed. Only 5 Republicans voted no: Senators Goicoechea, Hammond, Hansen, Hardy and Settelmeyer.

Bills Exempt from the Deadline…still alive

AB193 Drivers Authorization Cards for Illegals extends them from 4 years to 8 for renewals. Re-referred to Assembly Ways and Means.

AB345 Same Day Registering & Voting: Allows a person to register to vote and vote in a Primary or General Election on Election Day. They may vote only at the location where they registered to vote. Unlike the Senate bill this one provides that anyone who registers and votes on Election Day will receive a complete provisional ballot including all races and ballot questions. Effective January 1, 2022 this bill authorizes a person to register and vote during early voting. It requires the Secretary of State to establish a voter registration system on the Internet website of the SOS so people can register online. It requires the DMV to provide a person to affirmatively decline to be registered to vote. If the person fails to return the form within 15 days they will automatically be registered to vote as a non-partisan. It contains unfunded mandates and it has significant fiscal notes: DMV 2019-2020 $337,703, 2020-2021 $406,007, future biennia $812,015. SOS 2019-2020 $8,577,947, 2020-2021 $4,272,775, future biennia $4,272,775.

Bills Exempt from the Deadline…still alive—continued

AB420 Criminal Forfeiture of Property: This is an excellent bill. It was pioneered by Senator Don Gustavson. It places restrictions on law enforcement’s power to confiscate property which has been incredible abused. Individual’s property and cash has been confiscated often without an arrest, warrant and/or conviction and used as a law enforcement slush fund. It has been re-referred to Assembly Ways and Means.

SB84 and SB444 $24 million for Prekindergarten grants for school districts, charter schools and non-profits for 4 year olds. Heard in Senate Finance no vote yet.

SB98 Homeopathy: Jeopardizes the freedom to choose homeopathic medicine by placing the Homeopathy Board under the State Board of Health. The State Board of Health is composed of advocates of traditional medicine who are antagonistic to Homeopathy. Re-referred to Senate Finance.

SB94 Funding for Planned Parenthood. In 2017 the Account for Family Planning was established in the General Fund to award grants of taxpayer dollars to local governments and “non-profit” organizations (chiefly Planned Parenthood) which provides contraceptives and contraceptive services. The largest “non-profit” is Planned Parenthood whose lobbyists provided the main testimony in 2017 and in 2019. Planned Parenthood in Las Vegas offers Abortion referrals, Chemical Abortions (RU-486) and In-Clinic Abortions. The appropriation of $6 million (reduced in the amendment from $12 million) represents a 6 fold increase of taxpayers’ dollars from the $1 million in 2017. Why are taxpayers forced to pay for contraceptives subsidizing people’s sex lives? Why are taxpayers forced to subsidize the largest abortion purveyor in the nation…Planned Parenthood? Re-referred to Senate Finance Committee because of the cost.

SB123 Same Day Voter Registration and Voting on Election Day. This bill allows people to register to vote on Election Day, for all elections including Primaries. To register to vote they must appear at one or more sites designated by the county or city clerk to register to vote, complete an application to register to vote and provide proof of identity and residence. The voter may vote only at the polling place where he registered to vote. There was exceptional testimony by the County Clerks, Registrars of Voters and Secretary of State’s office explaining why it is impossible to verify people who register to vote on Election Day. This is because counties upload voter registration at night to be checked by the Secretary of State against DMV & Social Security data bases.

SB204 forces Private and Religious Schools to adopt Suicide Education accommodating the LGTBQ agenda. This bill violates religious liberty. It was gratifying to see 36 people testify against the bill, most of them from Las Vegas who were Latinos from a private religious school. It has been re-referred to Senate Finance because it has a fiscal note (costs money).

SB319 School Psychologists: Gives school psychologists and social workers unprecedented authority to treat and test children without parental knowledge or consent. This is a horrible Bill!!!

SJR5 Annual Sessions of the Legislature: Currently the Nevada Constitution provides that the Legislature meets for 120 consecutive days in every odd numbered year. This Constitutional Amendment would have the Legislature meet every year and extend the days to more than 206 days over 2 years. In addition they could agree to a “recess” which would allow the Legislature the luxury of meeting all year at intervals. We need less government not more. Many of the problems of the Legislature could be solved by limiting the number of bills that can be considered. This year there are 1251 bills. This would make it much harder for citizen Legislators to serve and costs lots more money. The fiscal note from the Legislative Counsel Bureau is $13,300,000.

We have much to be thankful for this Legislative Session.

Many victories are Miracles! As we continue to pray the Lord will honor our prayers and multiply our efforts.

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” KJV Psalm 100:4

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” KJV 2 Chronicles 7:14

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love, serve one another.” KJV Galatians 5:13

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