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Petition to put Parental Notification on Abortion On the Ballot

Nevada Families for Freedom

State Affiliate National Eagle Forum

46th Anniversary

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186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801, 775-397-6859, Sparks 775-356-0105

Editor: Janine Hansen

May-June 2020, In the Year of Our Lord

Volume 46, Number 5, Email version

Petition to put Parental Notification on Abortion

On the Ballot is Enclosed

Nevada Families for Freedom has worked to get a parental notification on abortion law activated in Nevada since 1985. We are combining our efforts with Nevada Right to Life in the Protect Our Girls NV coalition in circulating this petition.

In 1985 parental notification passed the Legislature but was enjoined by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. After some decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, the decision by the Ninth Circuit could have been appealed but Nevada’s pro-abortion Attorney General, Frankie Sue Del Papa, refused.

In 2015 the Republican controlled State Assembly propelled by then Judiciary Committee Chairman Ira Hansen, passed Parental Notification on Abortion. However, the Republican controlled State Senate under the leadership of Senators Michael Roberson, Greg Brower, and Ben Kieckhefer at the behest of Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, blocked the bill from being heard or receiving a vote.

Because the 2015 Nevada Legislature controlled by the Republicans chose to pass the largest tax increase in Nevada history and refused to pass parental notification, they lost their majority in the Assembly and the Senate. Thanks to those RINO Republicans, they gave both houses of the Nevada Legislature to the Democrats. A petition by the people is the only available avenue now to implement parental notification on abortion.

If this petition receives enough signatures, it will be presented to the Legislature in 2021 for their approval. If they do not pass it, just as it is written with no amendments, it will then be placed on the 2022 ballot for a vote of the people. November 18, 2020 is the deadline for the petition to be turned into the Counties for verification.

“Statewide petitions filed for the 2020 election cycle require 97,598 valid signatures from registered Nevada voters, including at least 24,400 signatures from each of the four Petition Districts in Nevada (see NRS 293.127563). Petition Districts have the same geographic boundaries as Congressional Districts.” From the Secretary of State’s website. Petition District link:

PLEASE SIGN THE ENCLOSED PETITION which is on white paper and get 4 others to sign it as well. Please download more petitions at: The standard Save Our Girls petition has 7 signature lines but because of space we only included 5 signature spaces.

  • You must be a registered voter to sign the petition.

  • Only registered voters in the same county may sign a single petition.

  • The signatures on a petition must all be from the same petition district. Clark County has 3 petition districts. Petition District link:

  • The petition must be notarized.

  • Returned notarized petition to Nevada Right to Life, P.O. Box 18924, Reno, Nevada 89511

Please download more petitions at:

Are You An Idiot? Again?

Excerpts: Bill Holter’s Commentary,, May 25, 2020

The average person has been duped again for the umpteenth time. Yes we have had 39 million new claims for unemployment. Yes there have been (and will be) many old line corporations file bankruptcy, and yes a huge percentage of debt versus all sorts of real estate go into arrears but not to worry! Not to worry because the government has (and will) save us all. Not to worry because whatever is needed to spend will be spent and all will be good. Just look to the stock market as proof! While those 39 million new unemployment claims were being filed, the stock market climbed over 30%.

But now for the reality. The reality is this, the next few months will likely become a financial and economic nightmare. The fateful day of Sept. 16, 2019 when repo broke (overnight lending to banks by the Fed) should go down in infamy as the day the levee broke. The Fed was forced to pump $ billions day after day to keep that canary from being noticed. I will only say the virus was “convenient” because it has been cover for central banks to flood the grossly indebted, financially illiquid and insolvent system with new credit and liquidity. How fortuitous!

Folks, we are already in a global depression as measured by unemployment. $ trillions in debt have gone unserviced for 2 months now and will never be paid on again. $ trillions have already been created and spent by broke central banks and sovereign treasuries. It has ONLY been this largesse that has prevented postponed financial carnage. “Normal” as we thought it to be back in January will never return because frankly, our past way of life was anything but normal! Is it really sensical to spend more each and every year than you take in and fund the gap by borrowing the difference? Can that be sustained?..resounding NO.

Individuals, small businesses, large corporations, cities state and local governments, pension plans galore and even central banks and sovereign treasuries have been bankrupted. The “bankruptcies” are working their way up and down the line and spreading like wildfire because every failure either adds pressure to or creates another (more) bankruptcies. I believe this scenario will happen soon and happen with a vengeance. I have long said “confidence” would break for any number of reasons. And that is exactly what we have now, ANY NUMBER of reasons for the average person to wake up to the fact the financial markets are completely fraudulent and bluntly, FUBAR’d! (irreparably damaged). Vast wealth will be destroyed on a nightly basis from asset class to asset class and culminate in systemwide failures. The financial atomic bomb has already detonated. Read the whole article at:

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